April 3, 2023

When to Call Your Leads

The easy answer? Immediately.

But while that’s the easy answer, it’s not always a “good” answer.

For example: What if you’re buying a large volume of leads?

Or maybe you missed a call because you’re on the other line? Maybe you’re completing a job? Or maybe the dog got out.

So, what’s the next best solution?

Well, if you’re already using Oncue’s booking services to cover or run your phones you don’t need to worry about this.

But if you’re not using Oncue yet, and don’t want to constantly worry about this, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Time to Call Your Leads

In 2022, over 100,000 moves were booked on the Oncue platform. We drilled into our data to figure out the best day and time to call your leads. When were people ready to book?

Here’s what we learned:

We monitored this data from July to December in half-hour windows and found that Tuesdays at 11:30AM were the busiest time of the week for booking customers. This is different from just a few years ago when Monday was the day to book!

The next busiest times customers booked in 2022?

Wednesdays at 1:00PM and then Mondays at 1:30PM.

Saturday is the least busy day when it comes to people booking moves, so we found that it’s better to wait to call your leads during the early part of the week! Also avoid following up with your leads after 6:00PM any day of the week, as those are unpopular times.


So what does all of this mean?

It means that there are optimal times and days to contact your leads. If you want to maximize your time, knowing when people book can help.

That said, if you don’t want to constantly worry about missing calls, calling at optimal times, or staffing your phones all weekend, Oncue can handle all of that for you.

With a built-in auto-dialer and dedicated sales team, Oncue responds to leads faster, which lets you book more jobs, use your time more effectively, and grow your moving business.

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  1. Ben Wright July 3, 2019 at 3:57 pm - Reply

    This is great info. It also lines up with website traffic trends we see for movers. It’s funny to see how slow Saturday and Sunday can be visually compared to other days. For movers that run paid ads (Google, Bing, etc) campaigns with us, we always recommend pausing them on the weekend because they usually still spend close to the same amount on ads, but get much fewer conversions.

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