Choosing the best tool to grow your moving business:

SmartMoving vs. Oncue

SmartMoving is a robust software platform for moving companies. But offloading calls and lead responses to drive new business? That is a different story.

So, what’s the difference?

SmartMoving’s detailed tracking and storage capabilities are great. They work best for moving companies that are focused on long-distance, interstate moves, and storage services.

We do a lot of that, but our bread and butter is helping locally-focused moving companies grow their revenue with easy-to-learn software and a move booking team that acts like your double — taking calls, quoting jobs, and booking moves on your behalf 7 days a week.





Pricing is based on number of active trucks, while Oncue Booking operates on a flat-rate subscription + commission.

Pricing starts at $299/month.

Pricing is based on the total number of users on the account.

Pricing starts at $399/month.

Booking ServicesOffers Oncue Booking, experts who answer phones, quote customers, work leads, and book moves 7 days a week.Purely a software solution, they don’t offer a booking service to handle any of your calls.
Metrics & TrackingDashboard shows revenue, jobs, leads, and more with the ability to drill down into the data.Dashboard also offers an at-a-glance view of your revenue, jobs, leads, and more.Draw
End-User UIBuilt with your customers in mind. With the Web Booking Form and email deposit collections, Oncue lets your customers manage their move on their schedule.Offers an impressive feature set for movers, but lacks some features that benefit shippers (your customers), such as a great mobile experience.
StorageOffers basic storage capabilities, but doesn’t provide in-depth management for storage services.Has a robust storage management solution, with invoicing, recurring billing, and exact estimates.SmartMoving
Lead ManagementLead management tools are robust — making it easy to track and manage leads.Software provides in-depth visibility on leads and quoted jobs. In addition, lead statuses are customizable.Draw
Job SchedulingCalendar makes it easy to manage all of your jobs, trucks, and crew in real time.Offers real-time calendaring that make job planning easy.Draw
Job Estimates & QuotingOffers an embeddable Web Booking Form that makes it easy for customers to book their move right from your website.

Or if customers choose to call, they can confirm their move by submitting a deposit via an email link.

Allows for detailed notes on move items and robust estimate capabilities.

However, no current option to book online.  Customers need to call in order to confirm their move.

Long-Distance & Interstate MovesCan handle long-distance moves, with a more hands-on approach to quote long-distance and Interstate moves.A comprehensive set of tools for interstate moves, such as automatic policy adjustments based on origin/destination.SmartMoving
Review CollectionBuilt-in review collection, Google integrations, and review management tools to make getting 5-star reviews a breeze.Does not currently offer review collection tools.

The best choice?

SmartMoving is best for moving companies that are looking for a highly-customizable, in-depth moving company software solution.

Oncue is for moving companies that are looking for simple, mobile-friendly software and the ability to hand off answering phones, working leads, and booking jobs to a team of booking agents.

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moves booked each month
for our customers


average revenue growth for Oncue Booking customers in their first year.


Estimated cost to hire full time staff to match Oncue Booking coverage.

SmartMoving is complicated and had a lot of different functions I didn’t need. Over time I figured it out but Oncue was easier to learn and use.

I really depend on your team when we are not available. Oncue has been a lifesaver for my business.