Mover Of The Month

The Oncue Mover of the Month award recognizes small moving companies across the US that provide an exceptional service to their customers, and an exceptional standard to their employees. Continue reading to learn more about some of our recent winners.

MAY 2023 – Classic Movers

In 2021, Eldolia Weir hit the ground running with Classic Movers and started serving the local community in and around Pittsburgh.  Today, Classic Movers offers packing and moving, landlord clean-out services, student moves and help with eviction moves.

classic movers logo

APRIL 2023 – Abba Movers

As their 5-star reputation began to grow and exceed their expectations, they knew it was time to take that next leap of faith, and so the company Abba Movers, now with 11 trucks, was born.

abba movers logo

MARCH 2023 – Mike-Ah-Haul-It

Owner Michael Green got his start in the moving business like many Oncue customers – as a way to earn extra money on the side. No job was too small or too dirty for Green. “If it fit in my truck, I’d haul it, move it, deliver it or junk it – whatever it took.”

Mike-Ah-Haul-It logo

FEBRUARY 2023 – DA Moving

Diego Anazco founded DA Moving by picking up local moving jobs on TaskRabbit, just using his own car. When he started to bring in consistent work, Diego upgraded his operations to a van and most recently, bought his own truck.

DA Moving logo

JANUARY 2023 – Olde World Movers

The company, founded as Olde World Transport and Storage by Erich Horder and Teresa Mitchell-Horder in 1998, has grown to include a fleet of nine trucks, an in-house sales team of three, an office manager, a dispatcher and 25 movers, making it a major presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

olde world movers

DECEMBER 2022 – Greek Movers

Owner Peter Kaffen first came up with the idea for Greek Movers in college at the University of Redlands. Starting out first as a cleaning business, Kaffen later shifted focus in 2016 to local moving when he saw the market potential. Using Thumbtack, an app where you can bid on local home services jobs, Kaffen started to go after local moving jobs and the idea for Greek Movers, now with six trucks, took off.

NOVEMBER 2022 – Centaur Moving & Storage

Owner Andrew Rosenberg started Centaur when he saw a unique opportunity to provide top-notch service in a highly competitive market. Now with four trucks serving the Greater Boston area, Rosenberg says “I knew there was a niche available for a moving company like mine that knew what good customer service was and how to deliver it,” said Rosenberg.

OCTOBER 2022 – Immediate Movers

In 2015, owner Andrew Brown started Immediate Movers when he saw a need in his local community to provide full service moves. For the next few years, business gradually picked up until 2020 when Brown was able to purchase his first truck, which allowed him to provide an even higher level of service for his customers.