January 31, 2024

Moving Sales Automation and AI: Boosting Profitability and Booking More Moves

Let’s talk about the importance of sales automation and AI.

Missed sales are a universal pain point. Over 80% of moving companies miss calls and leads every single day, and across the moving industry, one in three leads actually goes unanswered. That means over 30% of people that inquire with a mover actually don’t end up booking because their inquiry goes unanswered.

Oncue is focused on solving that fundamental problem: helping these moving companies and you grow more profitably and book more moves.

We do that through automation and AI combined with agent support so moving companies everywhere can close more deals and earn more profits.

Let’s look at why move sales are complex and time-consuming.

First, over 30% of homeowners actually go with the first mover that responds to their inquiry. Moves are large ticket items, typically anywhere from between $1,000 to $20,000, which means the buyer is making a complex purchase decision.

They’re high consideration, and when somebody is moving, it’s one of the most stressful times in their lives. 3 out of 4 moves actually require multiple follow-ups to book.

Across the movers that we surveyed, 80% of them said that managing the marketing and sales process is the biggest challenge to building their business. So how do we solve this?

Oncue has built an entire suite of AI and automation tools to cover the entire shipper sales journey, from when they find a lead, to initial contact, to follow-up quote, all the way through booking and after the move. We’ve built that through two layers of technology. One, our operating system, and then our AI platform layer, which allows us to seamlessly integrate with phone systems, allowing all of your inquiries, calls, and different things in reporting to come into one place.

Oncue’s advantages are already very comprehensive and we’re continuing to build AI and automation for the most important part of a moving company’s business: growing the revenue profitably.

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