January 22, 2024

From “Help Wanted” to “Dream Team”: What it Takes to Build a Rock Star Moving Sales Team

The busy season will be here before you know it, and soon your moving company will be swamped with leads but starved for qualified salespeople to convert them.

Finding the right team members in this competitive market can be frustrating. And let’s face it, most moving companies do not have the luxury of dedicated HR departments.

Join us on Tuesday, February 6th for our next webinar, From “Help Wanted” to “Dream Team”: What it Takes to Build a Rock Star Moving Sales Team.

During this webinar Oncue will give you exclusive access to our resident HR Expert, Zuly Bonilla.

She will share the secrets to hiring the right people FAST, so you can get them trained and get them booking moves for you.

Zuly developed the system that has helped Oncue hire incredible sales reps quickly and efficiently.

An optimized hiring process is essential to your business success, especially with the summer months creeping up.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The ins and outs of the current job market: How to find the best people and get them on board.
  • The cost of hiring a team: Don’t let the hidden costs of hiring take a bite out of your budget.
  • What to do once you’ve hired people: They’ve signed the dotted line, now what?
  • How long it takes for a sales person to go from being green to making green.
  • Answers to your most pressing HR questions!

Don’t let the busy season catch you unprepared to get jobs booked. Join us for this webinar and get your hiring right in 2024.

Register for the webinar today!

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