April 21, 2021

Kate DeWald, Oncue CEO: Interview With Authority Magazine

“An outstanding team will build an outstanding company, and a culture of innovation and collaboration will help you get there.” – Kate DeWald

Kate DeWald, CEO of Oncue, had the pleasure of sitting down with Charlie Katz from Authority Magazine to discuss her experience building Oncue, her values in diversity and leadership, and who helped her along the way.

Below is a brief excerpt from the full interview:

What are the 5 things you need to know to create a successful service-based business?

1) Always focus on the customer. Running a moving company can be challenging, and we are here to help make the whole moving experience easier for both our customers and their own customers. By always focusing on the customer, we ensure that everything we do is to serve them.

2) Assume the best of intentions. Always assume that your customers or employees have positive intent behind their questions or decisions. This will help improve communication and build better relationships.

3) Find great people, hire them, and let them lead. Most importantly, let them know they are appreciated. An outstanding team will build an outstanding company, and a culture of innovation and collaboration will help get you there.

4) Communicate, communicate, communicate. Whether within your team or with your customers, regular, open, and transparent communication is the key to building a lasting team and product.

5) Collect feedback, always ask for it, and learn from it. At Oncue we make it a priority to talk to our customers about their problems and goals so we can work with them to continually improve our product offering, ultimately making their lives easier and helping them to grow their own businesses.

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