July 2, 2021

It’s Time For The 2021 Mover Summer Games

Do you have the craftiest truck-packing skills in the game? Are your lifting and loading abilities unmatchable? Is your uniform fit for the cover of Moving Vogue? Then look no further!


That’s right, it’s time for the second annual Oncue Mover Summer Games! We’re challenging all moving professionals to show off their skills in three awesome competitions: StackingStrength, and Style

The Ultimate Masters of Moving will win some fantastic prize packages including up to $1000 in cash!

How to Enter

  • Step 1: Join the Oncue Mover Summer Games Facebook group
  • Step 2: Upload a photograph or video of yourself or your team in one or more of the following categories
  • Step 2: Make sure to caption the image with the category of choice


Just like last year, contestants have the opportunity to show off their abilities in three different areas of moving. Don’t worry about having to pick just one – you’re welcome to try your luck in all three of the categories!

Stack That Truck

Do you have a penchant for packing up your truck? Then this is the category for you: submit a photo or video that shows your most impressively packed truck. Whether you used the space extremely efficiently or had to work more creatively, this is the time to show off your best Truck-Tetris skills. 

Show That Strength

What’s your best technique for safely lifting those massive and hard-to-move objects? Show off your expert tricks in dealing with those tricky move days – submit your photos and videos today!

Flash That Style

Who said moving and pizazz couldn’t go together? Show us your snazziest style, whether it be your sleek new uniform, eye-catching wrapped truck, or popping company logo.


Each category will have a Gold, Silver, and Bronze winner. That means there’s nine possible opportunities to be a champion. Prize packages include a Digital Marketing For Movers Consultation, up to $1000 in prize money… and much more!

Our judging panel of industry experts will select the winners in our prize-giving ceremony in August, so get uploading those photos and videos today!

2020 Big Winners

The inaugural Mover Summer Games in 2020 was a resounding success. We received submission after submission of movers putting their creativity and ingenuity on display. When it was time to make the final decisions, judges were hard-pressed to choose between all the stellar entries.

The following winners went above and beyond in showing their moving magic. 

Stack That Truck Winners

  • Gold Prize: Tina Meissner
  • Silver Prizer: Cornell Mcgriff
  • Bronze Prize: Raymond Correira – Correira Brothers’ Moving & Storage


(Gold Prize Winner: Tina Meissner)

Show That Strength Winners

  • Gold Prize: Mike Boxlietner
  • Silver Prize: Amilcar Roche – The Transporters Moving and Service
  • Bronze Prize: James Gervais – Skye Moving


(Gold Prize Winner: Mike Boxlietner)

Flash That Style Winners

  • Gold Prize: David Dinsmore of All Out Moving
  • Silver Prize: Daniel Parascand – Reliable Delivery
  • Bronze Prize: Anton Gusak – Flash Moving


(Gold Prize Winner: David Dinsmore of All Out Moving)


Let the 2021 Games begin!


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