August 3, 2021

How Immediate Movers Quadrupled Sales in Only 4 Months

The team at Indiana-based company Immediate Movers has been providing local customers with an exceptional moving day experience since 2015.

After starting out as a labor-only company, primarily loading and unloading U-Hauls, trailers, and Penske trucks, they decided to take a leap of faith and purchase their first truck in 2020.

Since partnering with Oncue in April, 2021 the team has quadrupled sales in only four months!



“There’s not much of a story to tell before we found Oncue… when we partnered with you everything just took off…”

The team became so busy that they were able to increase rates and become more profitable which enabled them to make the purchase of their second truck in 2021. 

As the owner of Immediate Movers, Andrew Brown found that scheduling and estimating jobs accurately was one of his biggest challenges. The established process for estimating was to ask customers how long they wanted to reserve for, but this often caused headaches. 



After searching online for a better tool to handle his growing need for estimating and scheduling, Andrew came across Oncue’s moving software. After checking out a Demo with the Oncue team, he realized that the booking service could also be incredibly helpful for growing his business.

“You guys saved me a tremendous amount of time sitting on phone calls with customers. I can only do so much myself and you guys really took it to another level being able to take on all that weight that I wasn’t able to take on alone.”

Before partnering with Oncue, Andrew was literally on the phone all day, sometimes even texting customers with one hand while holding his cell to talk to another customer with the other hand. He was swamped day in and day out.

Andrew found that he was so busy with calls that he didn’t have time to focus on the growth of his business. After utilizing Oncue’s sales team to handle his calls, he can now take a step back and look at the bigger picture.


“I’m very glad that I didn’t go with just the moving software and I also decided to use your sales reps. You guys have saved so much time by taking all those calls.”


Before partnering with Oncue, Andrew was a little hesitant to give up control of booking his own calls to the sales reps. He was worried that they might not follow his policies accurately, but that hasn’t been the case and Andrew has been absolutely delighted with the results he’s seen.

“I would absolutely recommend Oncue’s software and booking service to other moving company owners facing similar challenges to ours. Without a doubt.”

If the sales reps at Oncue have any questions about his policies they always reach out to Andrew immediately. In fact, the team has handled so many calls for Andrew that his sales have quadrupled since he started with Oncue!


“From the time that we started with Oncue, our projected sales quadrupled what it was when we started. And it’s only been four months. That’s incredible, really.”


Oncue moving company software is built to help you grow your moving business by helping you manage leads, schedule jobs and communicate with customers all from one place. To see Oncue in action and learn how it can save you time book your free demo today!

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