August 28, 2023

3x Revenue Growth with Oncue Pro Derek Moore of Titan Relocation

Derek, owner and founder of Titan Relocation, went from “I’ve never wrapped any furniture” to a thriving business, 2 Locations, and 3x revenue with Oncue.

About Titan Relocation

Owner: Derek Moore

Location(s): Atlanta, GA & Destin, FL


Total Trucks: 3

Goal: Derek came to Oncue with the goal of scaling Titan Relocation by getting organized and spending less time taking customer calls.

Challenges: too much time spent on the phone and no clear way to organize customers.

Derek reached out to Oncue just as Titan was getting started. Derek said, “I had just graduated high school. I had never wrapped any furniture at that point in my life.”

Derek was smart, driven, and sales saavy, and had high hopes for building his business into a successful, thriving business. But he had two problems:

Problem 1: Spending too much time on the phone

“I was pretty much on the phone all the time,” Derek explained, “There would be times when I’d be on a job and a customer would call and they need that undivided attention for 20 minutes, and I would be on the truck or something.”

Problem 2: Lacking a system to keep track of customers

He went on to say, “we needed the CRM to keep track of our customers. We were using a Google Calendar, but it just wasn’t working.” He wanted a way “to keep track of (his) customers and to be able to have one central communication hub.”

With time and resources constrained, Derek and his team struggled with the profitability of their moves. With an average job size of $250-$300, “We were very limited as far as work goes and how much time we could spend on a job.”

Too much time on the phone and no clear way to organize customers was holding Titan back.

The Solution: organizing customers and handing off customer calls with Oncue’s Software and Booking.

Oncue’s Moving Company Software was a game-changer for Titan.

“Everything’s organized within Oncue where we need it,” said Derek. “We can look at our calendar if we need to figure out what’s going on there. We can look into our payroll if we need to figure out what’s going on there. Everything’s organized there for us.”

Derek’s desire to keep track of customers is what brought him to Oncue, but what has kept him staying was the freedom to stop stressing about sales with Oncue Booking.

“We’ve never even had to think about hiring salespeople… We just rely on you guys 100%. We don’t use any third party booking services now. We book all of our jobs through Oncue.”

By partnering with Oncue, Derek was able to solve Titan Relocation’s two biggest problems: disorganization and lost time booking jobs. This freed them up to serve more customers, take on bigger jobs, and scale Titan’s reach.

And the results speak for themselves…

The Results: 3x revenue and a whole lot more.

Let’s talk about the good stuff: results.

What did getting organized and letting Oncue Booking handle their calls, leads, and booking do for Derek and his business?

  • 300% Revenue Growth: “Since joining Oncue”, Derek said, “we’ve tripled our yearly and monthly income.”
  • Increased Job Sizes: Titan’s average job size has increased from $300 to around $1100 per job (a 3.5x increase).
  • Location & Team Increases: With streamlined processes and increased revenue, Titan Relocation opened a second location and grew from 4 employees to 10-15 during peak seasons.
  • Fleet Growth: Oncue Booking kept Titan’s pipeline full and allowed to scale from 0 trucks to 3 trucks. On top of that, Derek shared “We’re looking to acquire some (more) trucks within the next six months.”
  • Office Growth: Looking ahead, Derek shared “we’re looking to move into a 1500 square foot office… an office twice this size.

Oncue Software & Booking help moving company owners keep track of customers, take their time back, book more jobs, and GROW… just like they did for Derek.


Derek’s journey building Titan from the ground up is an impressive one. By serving customers well, getting organized with Oncue’s Software, and partnering with Oncue Booking to book their jobs, Titan has grown 300% and built a strong reputation in the communities they serve.

Derek summed it up best when he said: “I feel it’s more beneficial to grow with you guys, and then in the end, we’ll just be tightly knitted together and making a bunch of money.”

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