April 4, 2022

Miggy Mover Rakes In More Bookings and Higher-Dollar Moves With Oncue

“Oncue has helped us double our profits and book more high-dollar moves. In a very short period of time after implementing Oncue, our average move size went from $700 to $1500.”

Miguel, Owner

About Miggy Mover

Location: Bellevue, Washington
Website: miggymover.com
Goal: Miggy Mover strived to bring order to back-office operations, deliver an extraordinary customer experience, and effortlessly scale its business.

With 20 years of hands-on moving experience and a work ethic like no other, Miguel Lopez was ready to put his experience to use and pursue his dream of opening his own business. Recognizing the need for a moving company with passion and professionalism, Miguel opened Miggy Mover in 2020. Miggy Mover offers local logistics and first-class, white-glove residential moving services throughout Washington. The company prides itself on delivering superior customer service through its dedication to professionalism, quality, and punctuality.


Miggy Mover grew quietly and quickly in the state of Washington. While Miggy Mover had been growing at a reasonable pace, what Miguel didn’t foresee was the massive increase in the number of people moving due to the pandemic. This skyrocketed demand for moving services—and fueled Miggy Mover’s need for a technology solution to drive operational efficiency and support growth.

Miguel was challenged with finding order in the back-office functions of his business, from logistics and operations to paperwork and bookkeeping. He also needed a way to effectively scale his business—without putting even more on his plate. As Miguel was searching for growth opportunities, he enlisted the advice of MoversBoost, a well-known marketing agency for moving companies. MoversBoost was confident that Oncue’s CRM and its knowledgeable sales team could help Miggy Mover improve lead management, achieve efficiency gains, and increase profitability. Based on MoversBoost’s strong recommendation, Miguel turned to Oncue.


Previously held back by not enough hours in the day, Miguel now relies on Oncue’s moving software to systematize business processes and grow the business efficiently. Oncue allows Miguel to see exactly what types of services potential customers are looking for, schedule their moves, and communicate effectively throughout the entire process. From automating follow-ups and emails with customers to ensuring paperwork is ready and payments collected on time, Oncue enables Miguel to focus on delivering 5-star moving services—while ensuring every step of the job is completed promptly and professionally.

Miggy Mover also relies on Oncue’s booking service to capture more qualified leads and book more jobs. Oncue’s booking service—staffed by a full-time, U.S.-based sales team—has brought a new extension of customer service to Miggy Mover. By taking calls from incoming leads—even when Miguel and his crew are busy with another job—Oncue ensures Miggy Mover never misses an opportunity to book a new customer.

With Oncue’s help, Miggy Mover has increased profitability through higher-dollar transactions and more bookings—while ensuring the company’s ability to scale is no longer dependent on Miguel’s time. Through the company’s organic growth—along with a special financing offer made available to Miggy Mover through Oncue’s relationship with Stripe—Miguel can now invest in even more growth opportunities. From enabling Miguel to invest in more equipment to helping him purchase new, professional uniforms for his entire crew, Miggy Mover’s partnership with Oncue has paved the way for a future of limitless possibilities.


  • Delivered high-quality leads, enabling Miggy Mover to boost profitability and more than double the size of its average move—from $700 to $1500 per move.
  • Provided the answer to Miguel’s organizational challenges, giving him a streamlined process so that he can focus on service, not paperwork.
  • Equipped Miguel with technology solutions to increase bookings, accept more payment methods, and boost lead conversions.
  • Automated Miggy Mover’s booking process with a dedicated sales team and automated lead form, allowing Miguel to book more jobs efficiently.
  • Enabled Miggy Mover to expand its fleet and purchase new uniforms for its moving crew, enhancing professionalism and the overall customer experience.

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