July 27, 2023

Veterans R Moving Us: Empowering Veterans, Delivering Excellence


Oncue gave me time to do what I want to do. Oncue gave me back life time.”

Verna, Owner

About Veterans R Moving Us

Location: Dallas, TX and Houston, TX
Website: www.veteransrmovingus.com
Total Trucks: 14
Goal: Building a family business to help veterans and provide excellent customer service to the community

Veterans R Moving Us was founded in the greater Dallas area with the goal of providing jobs for members of the military, specifically veterans. Owner Verna Owens’ dream was to provide excellent service, comparable to the quality of training and experience veterans have been through while serving their country. 

The team grew organically first by hiring family members, but then as Veterans expanded, Verna realized that organization and professionalism were quickly becoming gaps.  Everything was being done by paper, which made it difficult to keep track of the business. And given the rapid growth, customer communications began slipping through the cracks.

Challenge: Getting operations under control of a growing moving company 

Here are some of the challenges Veterans R Moving Us faced before working with Oncue:

  • Manual Booking Processes: The company relied heavily on phone calls and manual paperwork to manage moving jobs. For example, receipts were given handwritten and customer notes were next to impossible to track.  This led to inefficiencies, errors, and time-consuming administrative tasks.

  • Scheduling Challenges: Veterans’ management team wanted to know what was happening in real-time. They wanted to assign specific trucks and crew to a job, so that nothing would be double-booked. The lack of a centralized system made scheduling and managing jobs confusing.

  • Ineffective Resource Allocation: Verna and his staff were personally handling everything from sales to customer service. As the business grew, it became challenging to allocate resources across the span of the operation.

Solution: Going from scattered to streamlined with Oncue

Verna knew he needed to get his company streamlined if he wanted to grow, so he turned to Oncue’s moving software and booking service to address his operational challenges. 

Oncue helped Veterans R Moving us go from scattered to streamlined with:

  • Lead Management: Oncue’s Web Booking Form and lead management system allowed Veterans to capture customer information from any lead source, so that the team had all of the customer information at their fingertips. This meant no more time-consuming phone calls and paperwork.

  • Easy-to-use Calendar and Scheduling Tools: Oncue’s software enabled the team to schedule only trucks and crew that were available on the day and time the customer booked. With Oncue, double-booking would become a thing of the past. Veterans was now able to assure his customers their move day would go off smoothly

  • Leveraging Oncue Booking: Veterans brought on Oncue’s expert booking pros to answer his inbound calls, follow up on leads, and book jobs.  By outsourcing sales to Oncue, Verna was able to focus on face-to-face time with his customers.  

Benefits: A win for customers, crew, and revenue

Oncue helped Veterans R Moving Us succeed in three areas:

  1. Improved Customer Experience: Every customer that books with Veterans now has a top-notch booking experience, from when they first interact with Oncue’s expert booking team to the day of the move. 

  2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Oncue’s calendar and scheduling tools helped Veterans get the most out of their crew and trucks, increase productivity, and serve more customers.

  3. Strong Sales Growth: With improved operations and happy customers  came more referrals and more repeat business. Veteran’s word-of-mouth reputation drove rapid expansion, with year-over-year sales growth up 35% since Veterans joined Oncue.

(BONUS) Time for Verna: With a streamlined business and Oncue handling his calls, Verna was able to spend less time working and more time enjoying his life. 


By adopting Oncue’s moving software and booking service, Veterans R Moving successfully overcame their operational challenges. By doing so, the team was able to streamline their moving processes and deliver exceptional service. Less time on the phone meant more time for Veterans to be face-to-face with customers.

Partnering with Oncue has elevated their profile within the community and become one of Dallas’ most trusted moving companies.  As for Verna, he was able to trust that the team under him would have all the necessary tools to continue delivering a best-in-class moving experience. “Oncue gave me time to do what I want to do,” added Owens. “Oncue gave me back life time.”

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