August 22, 2019

How to Pick the Right Lead Provider for Your Moving Company

A consistent flow of good quality business leads is the lifeline of any business. Leads are your opportunity for growth and a vital indicator of success. No sale happens without a lead, so a change in the number of business inquiries precedes the future growth or decline in business.

Oncue sees this firsthand through our booking services. We contact every lead your moving business provides, but a crucial mistake that moving businesses make is limiting their number of high-quality lead opportunities. This is where companies like USA Home Listings come in.

This piece was published in cooperation with our friends over at, a unique lead generation service for movers that prides itself on the quality of its leads. USA Home Listings worked with us to answer the question: How do you find the right lead provider your business?

1. Look for a History of Success!

When you start shopping for lead providers, the first thing you need to identify is their reputation. Look for customer testimonials, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews. Make sure your potential provider is doing more than just saying what they offer. Make sure they show you!

2. Try it Out!

Your lead provider should have nothing to hide, so try before you buy! USA Home Listings, for instance, offers a substantial 14 Day Free Trial.

It’s essential to make sure their systems and leads work for you and your CRM (Like Oncue!)

3. Track it!

It doesn’t count until you write it down. Keep track of how much you are / would spend and find out how much of a return you get.

It’s crucial you (or your sales team) always ask how your customers found your business. Look for the number of booked jobs your provider generated, and check how much each one of those jobs was worth. Any decent CRM will allow you to do this easily.

Bottom line: never assume.

4. Look for Unique Services.

Everyone lets you call or email your leads, and while you need to make sure you (or your booking service) calls every single lead you get, your customers are just as tired of getting emails as you are. That’s why your lead provider should offer something unique – it can increase your lead conversions and your bottom line.

That’s why we recommend USA Home Listings.

USA Home Listings offers more than just names and phone numbers in your inbox. They offer postcards that go directly to potential customers, contacting them in a way your competition isn’t. It makes contacting your leads easy, automatic, and represents an entirely new way to grow your business.

Oncue and USA Home Listings make a great team – no amount of leads will help your business grow until you answer the phone to book the job. That’s where Oncue can help. Our expert sales reps who have booked over 25,000 jobs make sure your phones are answered and your jobs booked.

Studies show customers are 80% less likely to make a purchase if the seller doesn’t pick up their phone, and USA Home Listings has demonstrated as much as a 40% sustained growth for its movers! Imagine what these two services working together can do for your business!

Check USA Home Listings out and get a free trial over at:

Want to take your moving business to the next level with a best-in-class CRM software and/or booking service? Check out Oncue and get a demo!

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