February 7, 2023

How A Booking Service Can Help Your Moving Company Navigate a Tight Labor Market

Low unemployment makes it tough for moving firms to find good sales reps. Plus, there’s often high turnover, requiring constant retraining. Staff calling out sick or going on vacation can lead to missed calls and lost revenue. Any one of those missed calls could be the next big job for your company. To solve this problem, many moving company owners are outsourcing to booking services.

Here are the benefits of outsourcing your inside sales to a booking service during a tight labor market:

Access to Talented Sales Representatives

Booking services have a large pool of talented sales reps trained to handle customer inquiries and sales requests. At Oncue, training and onboarding is one of the key success factors to providing great customer service. Oncue trains each booking team member for 100 hours in their first 30 days, so they’re fully equipped to handle your calls.

Increased Efficiency

Booking services are staffed by experienced professionals who can improve efficiency and productivity by providing high-quality customer service and sales support, even during the off hours. Oncue has booking team members across all US time zones, so you never miss a call or opportunity.

Improved Sales Performance

Booking services are typically equipped with the latest technology, such as CRM and telemarketing software, which can improve sales performance. Oncue’s booking team uses industry-leading technology from Twilio and a state of the art booking platform designed to give you maximum visibility into your business.

Better Resource Allocation

Outsourcing sales teams to a booking service frees up resources for other business areas, such as marketing and customer service. As an example, customers who use Oncue’s booking service can shift focus to maintaining outstanding customer service while entrusting sales calls to us. Here’s how just some of Oncue customers have partnered with our booking team to deliver a great customer experience for every move.

More Cost Savings

The average cost to recruiting, hiring and onboarding a new sales rep can be close to $60K! When you use a booking service, you can substantially reduce operating costs by eliminating salaries, benefits, training, and overhead expenses.

Outsourcing your inside sales team to a booking service during a tight job market can provide benefits that improve your business operations, customer satisfaction, and bottom line. Oncue offers a pool of talented sales reps that can help you increase efficiency, improve sales performance, better allocate resources, and reduce costs while helping you achieve business goals and grow your moving company.

If you’re interested in learning more or going behind the scenes with our booking center, our CEO Kate would love to talk to you! Just email us at [email protected]o or you can book some 1-1 time with Kate here.

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