May 21, 2020

Going Contactless

At Oncue, we’re following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and doing everything that we can to ensure the health and safety of your crew and customers at work.

As well as supplying our employees, customers, office representatives and drivers with protective face masks, we can also help you with a virtual pre-move furniture inventory from your phone, and we’ve updated the Oncue software to help your crew remain ‘contactless’ on the job.


Send the Bill of Lading by Text Messagge

Your crew can now send the Bill of Lading to your customers by text message to get their signature at the start of a job. Your crew will be able to keep a safe distance and your customers won’t have to sign anything on a crew mobile device!

This is how it works:

A link to the Bill of Lading will be sent to the customer via SMS for their signature:


Next, your customers will get a personalized SMS with the following message:


All the customer has to do now is sign and save for their signature to be recorded. When your crew member refreshes the page on their own device, they’ll see the recorded signature and they can also sign!


Download the Terms and Policies for Movers

Don’t forget to add this temporary update to your terms and policies to help everyone stay safe at work during coronavirus. You can download the terms and policies here.

Get Ready For The Busy Season

Mortgage data this month has shown that Americans are returning to the housing market, a potential indication of the market’s recovery from the impact of COVID-19. Read more about housing market predictions here.


Show Us What You Can Move!

Don’t forget to tell the world about your most impressive moves! Take a photo and tag us on Instagram at #imovedthis

Happy Friday!


The team at Oncue

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