April 14, 2021

How To Become A Moving Company That Delivers An Exceptional Customer Experience

As all moving company owners know, starting and running a successful business can be a huge challenge.

Female founders all around the country are taking on that challenge and breaking down traditional barriers within all types of industries. In fact, since 2014 the number of women-owned businesses grew by 21% to nearly 13 million in 2019—that’s 42% of all companies!

Christy Vincent, Oncue customer, and owner of First Step Moving in Dallas, TX, is a woman disrupting how things are done in the moving industry! After her personal experience with local moving companies inspired her to create a better service for customers and employees, she knew she could build a company where customer satisfaction was the number one priority. The ultimate goal of First Step Moving is to provide a less stressful, customer-centric moving experience.

What Challenges Did Christy Face?

Customers today expect an easy and stress-free moving experience, so it’s imperative that potential customers receive a seamless experience from their first phone call, all the way through to their move day, and afterward.

In the early days, First Step Moving had two full-time inside sales reps, but when a call came through on a weekend when their reps were unavailable, they would miss it and lose out on a potential customer. After partnering with Oncue, First Step Moving could ensure that their weekend calls were answered, but as they were still using their existing software they found that the booking experience was not completely seamless.

First Step Moving’s crew were unable to use the electronic BOL within their existing software because it was overly complicated, resulting in a lack of connectivity between the customer and the company. Due to the nature of their software, each job that Oncue booked for First Step Moving had to be manually entered into their system by the moving company. This created extra work for Christy’s team and revealed a critical disconnect between the leads that First Step Moving received and the ability of Oncue’s team to manage those leads instantaneously. When a previously quoted customer called on the weekend and the Oncue reps had no record of their quote in the system, the customer could not receive the level of service that Christy had set out to provide.

How Did Christy Create A Seamless Customer Experience?

After making the decision to adopt Oncue’s software platform, First Step Moving saw phenomenal growth within three months, including a 300% increase in jobs booked and a 189% increase in revenue! Replacing their existing software with Oncue’s platform meant that:

  • First Step Moving’s crew could transition to Oncue’s intuitive electronic BOL and receive automatic text alerts on ETA
  • Truck and crew availability was fully visible to Oncue reps with no risk of overbooking
  • Oncue reps could book jobs for First Step Moving whenever the calls come in
  • There was no disconnect if a customer had previously received a quote

After partnering with Oncue to create a truly seamless customer experience, First Step Moving was able to cut costs further by relying on the Oncue sales team to handle all of their sales calls. Without an internal sales team to hire, train, and manage, Christy could spend more time with her family, while still getting alerts as Oncue quoted and booked her jobs.

“…I really depend on your team when we are not available. Oncue has been a lifesaver for (my) business. Literally, I may have had a mental breakdown without you.”

Christy was able to improve her operational efficiency, capture more leads, and ultimately book more jobs, all while keeping her crew and customers happy.

Congratulations Christy, an excellent example of a moving company owner that is really changing the game!

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