October 21, 2016

Are you working in your business or on it?

As a business owner, you are faced with making a number of small decisions on your business each day. Trucks break down. Damages occur. A driver calls in sick. All these things are going to happen and often lead to decision fatigue. A number of tiny snafus reduces the time focusing on growing your business. You have to shift from working in your business to on your business.  Working on the business means doing things to create a large number of new customers and reducing your costs.

Here are a few ways to reduce these small decisions:

  • Implement a backup system if someone calls in sick –  partner up with a nearby mover and you can help each other out when this happens
  • Give your sales team the ability to give discounts up to a certain dollar or percentage amount
  • Look at the parts of your business that are time consuming and delegate or use technology to address them

Doing these frees up time to do more growth based activities like:

  • Become involved in your local chamber of commerce
  • Meet with property management companies & realtors
  • Reach out to local press and expand your social media presence

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