February 3, 2017

WINTER IS coming…tips for a profitable season

We get it. Business lags in the winter months. The movers that take advantage of this can have an even more profitable summer. It’s easy to say things slow down and check out but there are still people that have to move, 4 Million of them to be exact.

To have a steady and profitable winter, try these:

Stay open: during winter months you stay ahead of your competition by being available. Many moving companies simply shut down operations and stop responding to inquiries.

Build up your corporate moves:
 businesses typically move during the slower months as people are on vacation. Now is a great time to buildup your corporate clients. Reach out to area offices and commercial realtors.

Offer Small move services: It’s unlikely a family of five is going to relocate over President’s Day weekend. More likely? Small studio moves & heavy one item moves. You can make more than $1000 a day, provide steady work and add more referrals.

Set & track goals:
 Winter is a great time to reflect and determine what your goals for the year are. Look at key metrics and determine what you as an owner want to accomplish this year.

Take a vacation: This may be counterintuitive to our first point but moving is a tough job. It’s critical to take a vacation every once in a while and this allows you to delegate to crew members who can step up to additional tasks. We can help with this one. Key for continued success, taking a vacation forces you to create systems that will work when you’re away.


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