August 25, 2017

Why You’re Missing out on Sales: Part Two

Last time we touched on how every missed call is a potential lost sale. Are you getting to every lead and still losing sales?

Here’s Why:

Not establishing rapport with the customer

Remember that first impressions DO matter. Did you know 70% of customers indicate they make a purchase decision based on customer service experience? These customers buy based on how they’re treated.

What to do:
Show empathy. Being a good listener is key to making them feel personally understood. Demonstrate your professionalism and competence by asking appropriate questions and being knowledgeable in what you’re selling. Use their name frequently to show that you listened, get them agreeing with you and get them laughing! Building relationships goes a long way.

Slow response time

Don’t wait until the end of the day to send the quote if they don’t book on the first call. Speed sends a message about how efficiently your business operates, how organized you are, and how much you care about customer service.

What to do:
With Oncue, agents enter customer info directly in the system while on the phone with a customer and as soon as the call ends the customers automatically receive the quote. We provide a booking form on your website for customers to fill out at anytime of the day or night that provides an instant quote for your clients.

Not differentiating your business

Do you and your staff have a clear reason as to why your customers should choose you to move them over local competition?

What to do:
Talk about the care and diligence your team provides during moves. Is every mover background checked and move owner supervised? Think of what’s important to your customers and make sure you stand out based on your services. If it’s not clear to you, chances are it isn’t clear to a potential customer.

The pricing and process sounded complicated

If the customer doesn’t have complete confidence in your ability to move them, you will not get the sale. You want to fully disclose charges and why you need extra equipment or why certain items will take extra time – but don’t make it seem like this is difficult.

What to do:
Remember, people move about once every 5 years and aren’t going to know all the intricacies of moving. Don’t overthink it and talk your customer right out of the sale. Remember YOU are in control of the call and you need to: show confidence, follow a call script, share the details that are relevant and make it easy for the customer to understand.

No follow up!

While you always want to go for the close on the first call, some people aren’t decision makers and will need to think it over first. With multiple calls and several leads it can be tough. Don’t let these people slip through the cracks.

What to do:
Stay on top of it and keep following up to show that they are a valued customer. Institute a strong follow up process in your company culture. Send them tips for the move even if they don’t book with you.

As a bonus, make it easy for your customers to reserve the move once they’ve gotten a quote. In your quote include a way for the customer to accept their move online.

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