June 15, 2022

Why Your Moving Company Needs a Booking Service During the Busy Season

If you had to describe your ideal summer, what would it look like? Full of beach time and BBQs? Or would it be full of busy phones and back-to-back jobs? As a moving business owner, you probably want both. Some time off to enjoy with your family and a steady stream of business that will tide you over during the slower months. 

Over 80% of moving jobs come between April and September, so it’s critical that you have everything lined up to make it your most successful season of the year. Despite the increased demand, it’s still important to continue to deliver excellent customer service. This will create happy customers and generate referrals and repeat business for years to come.

One way to achieve this is to bring on extra help to ensure all of your calls are answered (and don’t go to competitors)! Sure, you could hire additional, full-time staff to handle the increase in demand. But what happens when the slower season comes around again?

At Oncue, we work with hundreds of moving companies at all stages of growth to answer their calls, follow up on leads, and book moves with our in-house booking service. Here are some ways Oncue’s team can help you maximize revenue during the busy season.

Available as Much (or As Little) As You Need

One of the top reasons Oncue customers trust us to handle their calls is flexibility. Our team is available from 8am to 10pm ET, 7 days a week, so you can have extra sales support when needed. 

No matter how busy you are, you can rest assured there will be a friendly, knowledgeable voice on hand to answer your calls.

Highly Trained in Industry Standards and Company Best Practices

Before taking any calls, each member of our booking team undergoes rigorous training based on industry best practices. 

When you join, our team is trained on your company’s policies. Each team member has access to the same information on rates, availability, and procedures as you or your staff.

Powered By Latest Call Center Technology

No rotary phones here! Our call center technology lets our team have the most relevant information about your potential customer at their fingertips. This ensures they can accurately and efficiently handle your leads and convert them to customers. In addition, we automate the follow-up process so that potential leads aren’t lost in the shuffle. Try doing that with your current sales team!

A White Label Solution To Deliver White Glove Service

When you get a five-star review from a happy customer, you want to take credit for it, right? We agree. That’s why everything we do, from the calls we take to the emails and texts we send to your customers, is branded with your company’s name and logo. You’re in complete control, and your potential customers will never know it’s Oncue.

It’s not too late to make the most of this busy season. Whether you’re a current Oncue cloud customer or are completely new, getting your own booking team is quick, easy, and costs less than hiring one sales rep. Either way, a summer full of beach time and back-to-back jobs are within reach. Book a demo or contact us today for more information at 415-723-6683.

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