March 2, 2021

When Extreme Weather Impacts the Moving Industry

The moving industry is an essential service that continues to operate during spring, summer, winter, and fall. However, winter weather is notoriously unpredictable. So what happens when sudden and extreme weather conditions severely impact operations?

Dallas-based Olde World Movers were among thousands of moving companies impacted by February 2021’s deadly winter storm. A polar vortex caused the recent Arctic outbreak, rapidly dropping temperatures to levels that haven’t been seen in decades. People were left stranded without electricity, water, or heat in states including Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. For days on end, homes and businesses found themselves unprepared to deal with the impact of the freeze. As a result, entire industries were disrupted, from transportation and oil and gas, to retail stores and the airline industry.

Sleet, snow, and black ice caused perilous driving conditions which made traveling or moving even more stressful for customers. With more than 100 million people in the Southeast under winter weather alerts, the snow, wind, and rain caused hundreds of crashes in Houston alone.

Like millions of other homes and businesses in Texas, Olde World Movers were left without internet when electricity grids statewide went down. On top of that, the company had to contend with customers rescheduling en masse, and employees left with no choice but to take unexpected time off to deal with the impact of the storm.

“The Oncue reps handled things while we were down with no internet.”

With freezing temperatures causing burst pipes, floods, and catastrophic water damage in thousands of Texas homes, many Olde World Mover customers were left frantically dealing with insurance claims and were forced to reschedule moves last minute.

As long-time Oncue customers, Olde World Movers knew they could rely on our team of sales reps to handle their calls, requests, and last-minute cancellations when they were unable to. They company could remain operational and ensure their customers had a seamless and stress-free experience, even in the midst of a natural disaster.

“Oncue went above and beyond to assist with requests when we could not get them done.”

Relying on Oncue to help your moving company remain operational in abnormal weather conditions can make the difference between your business operating as normal, or having the customer experience severely disrupted.

Oncue partners with moving companies when everything is going as planned, as well as when extreme circumstances impact operations. If you’d like to find out more about Oncue, get in touch today.


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  1. Sophia James March 4, 2021 at 12:50 pm - Reply

    Hats-off to moving companies they didn’t stop weather it is summer, winter, or storm they provide you excellent service anywhere any time.

    Thanks for the info admin

    • Oncue March 22, 2021 at 4:36 pm - Reply

      You’re welcome! We absolutely agree!

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