March 17, 2021

When You Hire the Wrong Salesperson For Your Moving Company: Part 2

In Part 2 of our sales rep blog series, we look at the ramifications of hiring the wrong salesperson, and the long-term impact it can have on your moving company.

As we discussed in Part 1 of our sales rep blog series, it can take more than 60 hours of training to get your new sales rep to the level that you need them to be. That’s 60 hours you’re not selling or working on other aspects of growing your business!

The Responsibility of Selling

When you hand over the responsibility of selling to your new employee, you’re relying on them to bring in equal (ideally more) money than you were doing yourself. If you were bringing in $50k a month in revenue on your own, but your new Salesperson hasn’t managed to hit the ground running and they’re only generating $25k a month, then you’re looking at a loss of $75k in their first three months on the job.

If you hire the wrong salesperson, not only have you spent numerous hours and thousands of dollars getting them trained, but think about how much money you have lost because they didn’t actually sell. According to HR Daily Advisor ‘the typical cost to hire a new salesperson is about $15,000 in hiring costs, plus $20,000 in training, plus an average first-year salary and incentives at $75,000’. Let’s assume a sales rep for your moving company has a quota of $750k per year. If you make the wrong hire and they don’t hit their quota, that decision could cost your company more than $850k over the course of a year!

The High Turnover Rate of A Sales Rep

Even with the right hiring and training in place, the average turnover rate for sales reps sits at around 35% (significantly higher than the average employee turnover rate of 13%). Estimates show us that a bad sales hire can cost between 50-75% of the annual salary, which means an employee who makes $75,000 annually costs between $37,500 and $56,250 to replace. If after a few months they (or you) decide it’s not working and you replace them, that’s hours of wasted time and thousands of wasted dollars hiring them in the first place. Plus you’ll have to go through exactly the same training process with your next hire!

The Limitations of a Single Sales Rep

Let’s say you made the right hire, and your new rep is hitting their quota. Great! But even the best sales rep in the world won’t be working 24/7. There will still be times when your calls won’t be getting answered, or you’ll find yourself back to answering your own calls in the evenings and weekends. Even during working hours, your rep can only answer one call at a time, so if you have several calls during the same time period, the chances are that some potential customers simply won’t get through.

What happens when your sales rep gets the flu and they’re out sick for a week? Your rep will also need to take a lunch break, various other breaks throughout the day, and well-deserved vacations. Who will cover your calls during those times? What happens when your power goes out unexpectedly, and your sales rep can’t rely on the systems they normally use to answer your calls?

That’s Where Oncue Can Help

We’re here to ensure that every one of your sales calls gets answered, whether you rely on us to handle all of your calls, or have us step in when your sales reps are unavailable. One of our newest Oncue Lite movers booked over $6,000 in revenue and more than 5 jobs in their first day after hours! There will always be someone available to answer your calls, and every one of the Oncue reps understands the specific policies for each moving company inside and out.

You can get the peace of mind you need, knowing that you don’t have to worry about vacations, sick days, or the unexpected absence of your sales reps, when you rely on Oncue’s fully trained team of sales professionals. Our reps are based in different time zones around the country and they are fluent in numerous languages. 

Making The Right Decision For Your Company

Whether you decide that hiring your own salesperson is the best decision for you, or you’d like to investigate using Oncue’s team, we’re here to help you through the process. We have the time and resources to hire the right sales people, and we put a lot of time into developing our sales team and continuing their professional growth.

Get in touch with us today and one of the team will help you find out more!

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