January 24, 2017

Ways to increase leads from your website

Today we’ll cover some ways to tailor your website for increasing customer inquiries and leads.

Before we do that, think about the last time you needed to purchase something. Did you do so online? If you did online how easy was it to get the information you needed? Were you able to quickly obtain the information? What influenced your purchase decision?

Remember, when you are selling your service you have to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. They are not very knowledgeable about something they do once every four years. Do a search for moving info and you’ll get several results focusing on on long distance moving, not local. There isn’t much for customers moving locally even though they make up more than 80%+ of all moves. Part of what you can do is help your customer get what they need at the right time and make sense of moving.

Here are a few tips to increase leads:

  1. Be Easy to Contact
    Moving is stressful and customers often want to avoid the stress. Customers get confused when there isn’t a clear call to action. may be at work and if they can’t find a way to email or inquire online, will go on to the next provider. Having an easy way for customers to contact you the way they want is critical: a phone number, email address and online estimator. With these you quickly differentiate against the competition, and increase your incoming leads.
  2. Make your site Mobile
    Mobile inquiries have surpassed desktop and PC ones over the last year. A study by McKinsey says that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% will visit a competitor’s site instead. Ensure your website is mobile ready and easily accessible on a phone.
  3. Answer FAQs
    Start with a few of the frequently asked questions clients have. This cuts down on the time you have to explain and adds additional value for your customers. If they can find all the info they need on your website, they will stay there. This is a must for your SEO strategy for increasing moving leads and getting you to the top of the page on popular search engines.
  4. Take pictures
    Customers expect your website to be a reflection of your brand and service. Use real photos by taking photos of your trucks and your movers on the job. Today’s smart phone cameras provide high quality images and videos. This helps you appear more human and customers remember pictures better than words. On your next job, snap a few images – before, during & after and you’ll be able to showcase your expertise even better.
  5. Update your social media accounts
    Over 78 percent of people say that a company’s social media posts impact their purchase decision (Market Study). Make sure your social media presence is up to date and you are posting regular useful content.

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