April 21, 2017

Ways to Get More Leads

The moving business is a tough one to be in, but when managed correctly, very profitable. As we prepare for the fall season, we’re reminded that moving companies need a constant flow of leads throughout the year to prosper. How do you consistently generate new leads?

First, make sure you have a website that outlines your strengths as a mover. Real pictures are awesome! Include pics of your crew in action, a moving tips blog for customers, and even some quick videos with packing tips. Sharing your knowledge helps establish you as a credible mover.

We talked to some of our top movers booking thousands of moves a year on the best ways they’ve found to steadily get new leads.

Here’s what our Top Movers recommend:

Team up with a Realtor

  • Who knows more people that are moving than a realtor? Reach out to the ones in your area and bring donuts & business cards.
  • Encourage them to refer their clients to you for moving services and vice versa.
  • Join and be active in local real estate and realtor associations.

Partner with Apartment Complexes

  • Reach out to local apartments and ask them to set you up as a preferred vendor. It’s helpful if you reach out to buildings you’ve moved in before or ones that hold a lot of tenants.
  • Tenants moving in and out will automatically be referred to you and encouraged to use you for moving services.
  • These are easier sales to win because customers are already sold on your moving company before they even contact you. As an added bonus, these customers require less time which frees up your sales team to focus on winning more complex jobs.


Having a solid network of previous customers that refer you business is a game changer. What can you do to build referrals?

  • Follow through. Customers choose their mover based on who they feel they can trust. Simply doing what you promised in the first place goes a long way.
  • Be honest. Did one of your movers accidentally break the leg off a coffee table? Own it and make it right.
  • Ask! Ask happy customers to review you on social media and recommend you to their friends. Even offer a small discount for referrals.

**Bonus: Today many people go to Yelp when they’re looking for home services. Having a strong Yelp presence is key! They have a request quote feature you can implement and get quotes. This feature is great but sends requests to you AND your competitors. If you want to get quotes from Yelp only for your company, check out our free tool for your Yelp page at www.oncueapp.com. Customers can go directly to your moving company site, see your brand and logo and quickly enter in move details. Their information is sent automatically to you. Encourage every happy customer to write a review so you can build those five star ratings!


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