February 6, 2017

Ways to deal with the truck driver shortage

The current truck driver shortage across the U.S. and Canada is real. The industry turnover rate has consistently stayed over 90 percent. As a professional mover, you may have experienced this first hand. Growing up with truckers in the family, I’ve been told that trucking is a little about skill and a lot about confidence. So what can you do to address the driver shortage?

Offer a CDL Training Program

One big reason for the current truck driver shortage is unqualified applicants. No matter how responsible or hard working some look on paper, they lack the necessary training and experience required to do the job. What better way to guarantee yourself to employ qualified drivers than to offer training and incentives? Good employees want peace of mind knowing that they’re investing their time and hard work into a company who will appreciate their efforts and invest in them as well. With the cost of CDL training being an average of $3,000 – $5000 up front, it’s not always an option for those seeking employment to enrol themselves. Try offering a program where they can receive the training with little cost up front, while still making a commitment to your company.

For example: You agree to pay the cost of training up front (or a portion) and in return, said employee agrees to an employment contract for a length of time you see fit. Upon completion of training, deduct a percentage or flat fee automatically from each paycheque until you’ve been reimbursed for the total cost you invested in training. It’s a win for everyone – they get the proper training and you get quality drivers. Even if things don’t work out with every employee, you end up getting your money’s worth and attracting more workers by showing you’re willing to invest and help them succeed.

Autonomous Trucking

Driverless trucks. Yes, trucks that drive themselves. Just let that sink in for a minute. It might sound scary and dangerous even, as new technology does. The reality is that the idea of self driving trucks are a huge economical win for small businesses, including professional movers. For those who handle long distance moves especially, wouldn’t it be nice to have technology that will allow one single driver to become the equivalent of a team without the extra costs? Autonomous trucking technology gives the driver the freedom to catch some Z’s while still coasting along the interstate instead of stopping to rest. Now you’re not only saving on employee wages, but you can make deliveries significantly faster. With this generation showing less and less interest in truck driving, self driving technology can change the game for professional movers, decreasing overall cost while increasing productivity. The future is here. Embrace it and benefit from it.

How Can You Find More Drivers?

Not quite ready to take that leap into the future and invest in a self driving truck? Even when you offer training programs and bonus incentives, it can be tough to find people interested in the industry. A great way to get the word out that you’re hiring is to work with someone you trust to manage your social media accounts. You can post on your local newspaper but not many people read the paper anymore. Everyone uses social media and it’s the fastest way to spread news. This is a great way to get the word out. Establishing a presence and being responsive on social networks attracts good employees and helps build your brand in your area.

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