November 17, 2017

Top Tips from Moving Sales Academy Live

In a previous post focused on connecting our readers with moving industry experts, we briefly introduced all of you to Louis Massaro – a former million dollar moving company owner and now a top mentor in the industry.

Last week our team attended Moving Sales Academy Live hosted by Louis in an effort to learn how we can improve ourselves and better serve our movers and the moving community.

This week we’d love to share what we learned with each of you.

The main take away from this conference?



Step One: Building your Sales Machine

This is where Oncue comes in!

Do you have managers invested in your company’s growth who can control the sales process and lead your team? If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s not too late to get started!

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have a lead management process in place?
  • How are you handling calls?
  • Do you have a well-established follow up system?
  • Are you giving up after one phone call?
  • Do you have an automated email campaign to follow up on attempted contacts?

The way you handle your business in these areas is important to set yourself apart and win more business.


Here’s the best way to maximize leads:

Always have a plan for each contact with your customers.

Louis recommends the 2+1 touch method:

Day One:
 1. When a new lead comes in, call the customer right away.
2. If unable to reach them on the first call, leave a follow up message (you should have a script for this).
3. Call again later and leave another message, this time with a call to action. For example, you might mention you have some great specials going on that you’d love to share with them.
4. Finally, follow up with an email including your call to action to get their attention.

Day Two:
Call once and if you still can’t reach them, leave a voicemail and follow up with another email.

Want to take it to the next level but just don’t have the time to do it alone?


Contact Oncue to start building your sales machine!


Step Two: Maximizing Sales and Marketing

Upsell, upsell, upsell! 

Give a little to gain. Offer anything you can that doesn’t really cost you anything but at the same time provides great value to the customer. For example, you could run a packing special – offer to provide bins at no additional cost to the customer if they sign up for a full service pack and move with you. Unpack them at the new place to ensure the return of your bins and VOILA! They don’t have to purchase boxes, you get additional hours on the job, win win!

Don’t forget automated email campaigns to customers you’ve already quoted. Keep the bug in their ear.
Persistence is key!

Hit the pavement
Get out there and visit apartment complexes, real estate offices, etc. Introduce yourself and build relationships.

And last but not least,
This one can’t be stressed enough – have a strong online presence and utilize social media to it’s full potential! Make sure you’re dominating SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click). Google analytics is free! Not sure how to do this or need help getting started?

Check out: and reach out to Bryan. Let the pros take you to the next level.

For the breakdown of what we learned in depth, reach out to our team! We’re always happy to chat!

P.S. A quick tip you can start implementing with your team right away – SMILE on the phones! Attitude is the first thing a customer picks up on. If you can master sounding confident and exuberant (even if you don’t always feel that way), chances are you’ll win the business.

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