May 21, 2023

The Top Features of Moving Company Software and How They Can Improve Your Business

What is Moving Company Software?

Simply put, moving company software is technology that helps you grow your moving business.

Moving company software is specialized software designed for moving companies to better streamline and manage their daily operations. Gone are the days of using Excel spreadsheets and paper documentation on your moving company’s backend. By automating the moving process from start to finish, moving company software enables moving businesses to efficiently manage inbound leads from multiple sources, easily schedule and manage moves for customers, and collect paperless payments and reviews from customers after the move.

Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, moving company software manages all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers, leads, and prospects. With a centralized dashboard, moving company owners and team members can manage the moving process from start to finish and gain a bird’s eye view of the company’s activity in real-time. With this technology, your moving business will transform and grow, which is critical in today’s fast-moving market.

Moving company software features automate regular business activities such as generating quotes, sending out invoices, managing inventory, and tracking expenses. By using moving company software, your workflow gets more streamlined and efficient, saving time for your employees and improving your customer experience. All the departments in your moving business – from accounting to inventory to customer service – will all be integrated and be able to work from one, centralized system. Some moving company software systems offer a customer portal that serves as a depository for important documents.

In addition, because your workflow is automated, it’s easier to create digital contracts, obtain electronic signatures, and accept payment online. The best moving company software can also track truck locations in real-time and provide GPS directions to job sites.

Automation can help moving company owners tremendously; paperwork is reduced, errors are minimized, and overall customer service is enhanced. By using your moving company software’s dashboard, owners and team members can now gain important insights into their company’s operations and finances and use key analytics to make better, more data-driven business decisions.

Importance of Moving Company Software

The best moving company software will bring your moving business to the next level. Today’s customers are expecting a more user-friendly, seamless, transparent experience and they rely on their movers to provide a stress-free moving process. The top moving companies know that automation and streamlining operations are a necessity in the moving industry to stay competitive and grow. The best moving company software will enhance the most important qualities of your moving business – reliability, good communication, professionalism, transparent pricing, licensing and insurance, and a stellar reputation.

Investing in moving company software is important for many reasons. For one, this technology will streamline your moving business and give you access to data that will help you make better-informed decisions. Choosing a moving company software that is specifically developed for moving businesses and is customized for field service management will be key, as you want technology that will seamlessly support your core business functions.

The best moving company software is critical to improved efficiency. Using a web-based and cloud-based system that can be accessed by any browser and provides updates in real-time will help automate many moving process tasks such as booking jobs, scheduling moves, generating quotes and invoices, and tracking expenses. Most moving company software also offer a mobile app so there is no need to be onsite to check notifications or receive updates.

Automation often leads to saving time and money – and a better customer experience. Keeping customers up to date on the moving process and providing top-notch communication and transparency is invaluable to establishing trust and building a positive reputation.

Moving companies that want to stay competitive in the moving industry know moving company software is the ultimate management system for all the data analytics coming from different departments of a moving business. Planning, organization, and communication are crucial to a successful move and the best moving company software will manage all the moving parts in a few clicks.

Overview of Top Features

Moving company software have many features that can improve your moving business. These features are all accessible through a powerful, visually appealing dashboard. Here are our top five:

Book more jobs

Customers expect ease and convenience now more than ever. Many software systems offer online booking that streamlines this process. Lead capture, automated quotes, electronic signature capture, generated invoices, and payment processing all can be done quickly and easily. Moving company owners and team members can also track lead management, oversee job scheduling, monitor conversion rates, and review where the company is performing best and what needs to be improved.

Automate communication

Cultivating strong customer relationships is key to building a loyal referral base. Automating communications means you can now send SMS messages and emails to your customers before, during, and after their move. This includes sending them move estimates, inventory, and electronic Bill of Lading. The best moving company software integrates with CRMs and allows moving companies to better manage their customer information and work orders, track communication history, and follow up on leads.

Collaboration among team members

Aside from automating workflow across your moving company, one of the best features of moving company software is increased collaboration between all departments. This means everyone can access the same information in real-time. This creates a unified support team; enhancing the customer experience as any team member can easily help a customer at any stage in their move and review an account’s progress. Data analytics, metrics, and reports can also be shared, and better business decisions can be made through collaboration. Cloud-based software allows this to be done seamlessly.

Showcase positive reviews

It’s probably not surprising, but 95% of consumers read reviews before they buy anything. Positive reviews are critical to building a solid reputation for your moving company. The best moving company software will allow you to request, track, and share reviews on Google, Facebook, and your website. Reviews give potential customers a way to do their research about your moving company and allow your current customers to share their experience with your move management.

Integrate with third-party services

The best moving software will integrate with third-party services to help you better manage your entire business. These integrations can include moving CRM, GPS tracking services, payment processors, as well as Yelp and Thumbtack responders. For example, using a custom autoresponder on Yelp and Thumbtack can triple your conversion rate, allowing you to respond to inbound inquiries in under 10 minutes, while also improving your ranking. This type of integration can be a real game-changer when it comes to capturing leads and new business. Remember, when considering a moving company software for your moving business, be sure to ask about this and see how accommodating the software company is about integration.

How Our Moving Software Helps You Grow

Oncue provides moving company owners like you with an all-in-one software system that will manage your moves – local or long distance – from start to finish. Whether you’re a local moving company, a moving and storage company, a family-owned or independently-owned company, we’ve got you covered. We’re here to take your moving company to the next level and will work with you wherever you are.

How do we do this? Here are just four ways:

  • Drive business growth. Use our software to gain insight into the health of your moving business. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you’ll see all the activity of your moving business from lead generation to booking and taking payment, to tracking trucks and inventory, to managing reviews. With data like this at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make better business decisions and improvements as needed.
  • Simplify customer interactions. Provide excellent customer support, all the time, using our moving software. Follow up and communicate easily with your current customers and see what lead providers are working best. Track each interaction with ease and always know the status of your accounts so you can easily communicate with your clients. Transparency and reliability are essential when building a solid reputation and we help make it easier.
  • Optimize business operations. Need help managing your day-to-day operations? We’ll help with this so you can run your business more efficiently. Scheduling, communication, fleet management, dispatch, and Bill of Lading tools all become streamlined with our software.
  • Build your reputation. It’s no secret moving is one of the most stressful life events we all go through. Make it easier on your customers by providing the best customer service through better communication and automation, and watch your referrals grow.


Recap of Top Features

When it comes to moving company software, the best features to improve your business are booking more jobs, automating communication, collaborating between team members, showcasing customer reviews, and integrating with third-party services – all through a powerful, visually appealing dashboard. These features will help your moving company streamline its operations, keep up with customer demand, and grow.

Benefits of Moving Company Software

There are many benefits of moving company management software. Increased efficiency, improved customer service, better accuracy, real-time tracking, data analytics, increased productivity, and more scalability are just some of the benefits your moving company will see with implementing the right moving company software. Overall, investing in a moving company software system will position your moving business for growth and maintain a competitive edge in the moving industry.

If you are interested in learning more about how Oncue can help improve your moving business, contact us for a free demo today.

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