November 17, 2021

The Top 10 Lead Sources for Growing Your Moving Company

The most important aspect of growing your business is generating new leads. For your moving company to expand its customer base and increase profits, you need to identify which sources produce the highest quality leads. That’s where we come in. 

We’ve analyzed over 100,000 leads from various sources and ranked them based on lead volume and quality. From online platforms to more traditional ways of accessing new audiences, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 lead sources guaranteed to boost your moving business.


10. Your Truck

This is the easiest marketing you’ll ever do. Our research shows that a surprising number of leads comes from people simply seeing a moving company logo on a truck. What’s more, those leads convert to booked moves at a rate of over 50%!


9. Direct Mail or Business Card

In the world of review-sites and social media likes, direct mail and business cards may seem old-fashioned. Surprisingly, these more traditional methods yield a high volume of leads and convert at 36% – meaning over ⅓ of leads booked a move!


8. Quoterunner

Quoterunner is a targeted lead provider for moving companies. It allows potential customers to calculate and compare quotes from various movers in their area. Quoterunner was ranked #4 for lead volume, making it a source to be reckoned with. 


7. Moving Help

Moving Help is an online search engine powered by uHaul that matches customers with movers in their area. The website is #1 in conversion rate at a whopping 94%. 


6. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a home services website connecting users with local service providers. Consumers can search for help for any number of projects, from general contracting to pet walking or moving. In our research, Thumbtack was #6 overall for number of leads. 


5. Groupon

Groupon is an online service that provides subscribers with discounts or deals with certain local merchants. Partnering with Groupon is a great way to attract new customers. After all, what’s more persuasive than a discount? With a lead conversion rate of over 50%, this is certainly a source worth looking into for your business.  


4. Yelp

Who among us hasn’t double-checked a restaurant or business on Yelp before buying? Yelp is one of the biggest online review sites in the game. It allows users to find the highest-rated businesses in their area, and read specific reviews from past customers. The website’s popularity makes it one of the top sources for number of leads.


3. Referral

It’s no surprise that referrals are one of the most successful ways to obtain new customers. A personal recommendation holds a lot more weight than an anonymous online review. Encouraging happy customers to spread the word about your business is an extremely effective way to find new customers. 


2. Repeat Customer

It goes without saying that repeat customers are the best customers. A 2014 survey on small businesses found that 50% of revenue came from returning customers, and repeat customers spent 67% more on average than new customers. Keeping existing customers not only saves you the time of acquiring new customers, it can also save you money – as per our previous blog on Customer Lifetime Value


1. Google

According to our data, Google produces more total leads than any other source. What’s more, 35% of those leads convert into customers. There are several ways to make sure your business appears at the top of search results – check out our Mover Master Class on increasing your company’s visibility in web searches to learn more. 


Now you have the sources, it’s time to grow your company! 

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