May 21, 2023

The Role of Analytics and Reporting in Moving Company Software for Data-Driven Decision Making

Better data at your fingertips means better decision-making for your moving company. With the right software and data analytics, your moving company can be primed for better efficiency, provide a more personalized customer experience, and support you in scaling your business. This article will explore how moving company software can help you make better decisions as an owner, embrace the power of data, and empower your team to create a more data-driven culture.

Definition of Moving Company Software

Moving company software is data-driven technology designed to automate and streamline your operations and processes. This can include data science tools and features such as scheduling and dispatching moves, tracking inventory and shipments, managing customer information and billing, and optimizing routes and logistics.

Moving company software will provide moving company owners with data visualization dashboards that provide data-driven insight all in one, centralized location. This is key, as any team member with access can view this data and help make better decisions that enhance the customer experience and positively impact the company. In addition, the best moving company software aims to provide a positive user experience, so your team members feel empowered to use the data with ease.

In addition, using moving company software such as Oncue, is a business strategy designed to keep your moving company competitive. By improving efficiency, reducing costs, and keeping your customer experience in mind, moving company software can provide you with data-driven insight that fuels a stronger, more efficient decision-making process

Importance of Analytics and Reporting

There are many benefits to focusing on the metrics of your moving company. According to Asana, data-driven decision-making is the process of collecting information based on your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and transforming that data into actionable insights. The best moving company software will provide a visually appealing dashboard where owners and team members can easily see what is happening in real time, allowing for better decision-making and a stronger overall business strategy. For moving companies who want to become data-driven organizations, this is a critical tool for growth and necessary to stay ahead of the curve.

By tracking and analyzing key metrics using visuals, such as graphs, available on the software’s dashboard, moving company owners and team members can identify patterns, trends, and insights to optimize operations. This can help make improvements as you grow, focus on increasing sales and profits, and enhance both the team member and customer experience.

Better decisions come from being better informed. Business analytics and reporting can play a major role in your moving company by improving its business performance, providing a more efficient and personalized customer experience, offering more transparency to the status of moves and deliveries, and helping with compliance management.

Overview of Top Benefits

Real-time Dashboards and Visualization

The best moving company software will have a dashboard that is easy to access and provides a centralized view of key company metrics. A dashboard is a visualization tool that helps moving company owners gain insight into key areas such as revenue, booking statistics, how lead providers are performing, and how customers are leaving reviews. It allows leaders and their teams to manage data collection more efficiently and conduct better data analysis as it relates to various data sets from different departments within their company.

Decision-making does become easier when you can see the data clearly. We know most moving company owners aren’t data scientists, and that’s not necessary to reap the business value of understanding your company’s data. The goal is to determine the story behind your moving company’s data so you can make better business decisions. By spending time understanding your data analytics, you’ll be able to create a more data-driven culture based on what you are learning that will become second nature. Experiment with your software’s dashboard and get to know how your data is being presented so you can gain actionable insights.

Key Metrics

Key metrics are based on your overall business strategy and company goals. That said, here are some data analytics that are critical for moving companies looking to improve their user experience and decision-making.

  • Revenue – Having the right data at the click of a button when it pertains to revenue is essential for gauging your moving company’s financial health. Track your revenue in real time and understand how revenue is performing by service type, customer segment, and geographic region.
  • Operational efficiency – By monitoring your moving company’s various data sources you can identify gaps in performance. Owners can also monitor metrics such as average move time, truck utilization, and delivery status. By gathering this business intelligence, owners can make improvements and better business decisions, as necessary.
  • Customer experience/satisfaction – By focusing on being more data-driven and using automation, moving company owners can improve customer experience and overall customer satisfaction. Use metrics to increase your transparency and communication throughout the moving process and track testimonials. Customers want – and expect- to be kept up to date on their move and the best moving company software will allow them to monitor their move as it progresses.  
  • Sales performance – Automation can also help with efficiency during the sales process and dashboards can help you visualize the entire customer journey and experience. Tracking metrics such as lead conversion rate, average moving size, and your moving company’s sale cycle can lead to greater data-driven decision-making.
  • Team efficiency/productivity – Data analytics can also provide insight into how your employees are doing on the job. Your team members are who your customers interact with, and your reputation is always on the line. Monitoring how your employees are performing in real time can be a real competitive advantage when it comes to customer experience and satisfaction, as well as reducing turnover and encouraging loyalty. It can also give moving company owners insight into what additional employee training may be needed to make improvements.
  • Inventory management – Know what trucks are available when in real time. The best moving company software will provide this data so you can meet customer demand.

Customizable Reports and Insights

Once you know the metrics to target, you can create customizable reports right from your dashboard to inform your data-driven decision-making and business strategy. These insights are now readily accessible to business leaders, decision-makers, and stakeholders in your moving company. The benefits to this are limitless, as you are now armed with key data analytics to drive your business initiatives and make more informed decisions quickly.

The best moving company software will provide both generic and customizable reports. Some examples of key areas include revenue, operational, customer, sales, employee, and inventory reports. These metrics will generate more insights and help moving company owners move forward with more confidence.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

According to Harvard Business School, predictive analytics is the use of data to predict future trends and events. It uses historical data to forecast potential scenarios that can help drive strategic decisions. Predictive analysis can be conducted manually or by using machine-learning algorithms. 

Moving company software provides these analytics tools right from your dashboard. How does this work and how will it support your business goals? Examples of key applications of predictive analytics and forecasting include forecasting sales and revenue, predicting high-volume days and times for booking calls, anticipating truck shortages, and determining additional staffing needs. 

By making predictions based on historical data from your own company, you are making data-driven decisions, ultimately keeping you better informed and competitive.

Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking

How does your moving company compare to others in your market? This is important information for you to know, as having this insight can help you make better informed, data-driven decisions to set you apart from the crowd.

Competitive intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing information about competitors, customers, and your industry to improve a company’s decision-making. This process involves monitoring and analyzing data-driven information related to your competitor’s business activities including products, pricing, marketing, and operations.

Benchmarking allows a company to compare its performance against industry standards and best practices or a competitor’s performance. It also allows you to gauge how you compare with your competitors and gives you coveted information on how you use your metrics to improve your business strategy.

This type of business intelligence is important in the moving industry as it allows your company to better understand the competitive environment. How can you make the most of the opportunities and challenges your company is facing? Knowing your industry and where you stand can help you be more efficient in your operations.

Business Intelligence Integration

The best moving company software provides moving company owners and their teams with business intelligence in real time and on demand. With one click, you can have all the data analytics you need right in front of you, at any time. The purpose of this data is to make more informed decisions and optimize your company’s performance and growth.

According to CIO Review, data integration combines data from different sources into a unified view. Integrating this data into one centralized area makes data management easier and more streamlined while giving business leaders more accurate business intelligence for making better decisions. A dashboard provides this information, and as a moving company owner, you can easily view your revenue, inventory, booking calendar, leads, customer reviews, and more.

Business intelligence is beneficial to your moving company because it provides you with data-driven accuracy, faster data processing, and overall, more efficiency. It also allows you to enhance collaboration between stakeholders, business leaders, and employees creating agility.

Data Governance and Security

While it’s important to create a data-driven culture for your moving company’s business growth, it’s also critical for governance and security.

Data governance allows for proper data management. It is the system your company sets up to define how data is collected and managed, including who has access to it and how it is used. Data governance helps moving companies manage their data properly and stay compliant with any legal and regulatory requirements.

Data security is what it sounds like – it keeps your company’s data safe from unauthorized use or destruction. This involves using security protocols such as access controls, encryption, firewalls, and other measures that uphold the confidentiality and integrity of your company’s data.

Both these components are necessary for an effective data management strategy. Ultimately, putting these types of processes in place will help ensure your company’s data is secure and protected and only accessible to those with permission.


There are many benefits to analytics and reporting functions in moving company software. With real-time dashboards and visualizations, moving company owners can understand what is happening within the company at any time. You can gain key insight into revenue, operations, sales, employees, inventory, and customer experience. You can pull reports on demand enhancing data-driven decision-making. You can predict future trends and benchmarks, and view all your data in one centralized location, and team members in various departments across the company can all have easy access.

In today’s competitive marketplace, having these types of insights at your disposal is critical to business growth. Business intelligence continues to get more sophisticated, as customer expectations increase. Data analytics is not just an option anymore, it’s a necessity, as artificial intelligence becomes more commonplace. The future of moving companies includes a more data-driven culture and automation, so business owners like you can enhance your current customer experience and expand your reach.

There are many benefits to understanding the role data plays in your moving company. Using data analytics and metrics for decision-making will help you move the needle when it comes to better customer experience, more efficient operations, and growth.

If you are interested in experiencing a more streamlined, data-driven business strategy with our moving company software, reach out to us to learn more about what Oncue can do for you.

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