April 25, 2019

The Future of Moving is Digital

The future of moving is digital!

We’re pleased to announce that Oncue’s online customer booking experience has had a complete rework! Oncue’s web form overhaul!

Why this matters for you:

Our goal is always to save our movers’ time and increase their revenue. A better webform helps us do exactly that. Unlike most web forms, the Oncue web form is more than a lead generator. It’s a direct connection between the customer and our booking services. When a customer fills out our web form, they’re not just getting a quote. They are actually going into a queue to be automatically called by one of our expert sales reps, who will then book directly for you!

However, we noticed our old web form wasn’t getting the job done. We felt that while it was an effective medium and acted as another route for customers to reach out to our clients, its performance didn’t meet our high standards. On-demand web services and purchases have become the new standard, so we decided it was past due for an overhaul.

We set out to completely recreate this form with a focus on three primary objectives, increasing relevance, ease of use, and simplicity.

Let’s break it down:

What do we mean by relevant? The new form provides the customer with the information they are looking for before they even know they are looking for it.

Your positive reviews, company name, and logo will be shown to the customer when they first come to the form. From there, the date and possible options for it are immediately highlighted for the customer, and information is requested in easy to understand stages. There’s no digging through menus or checking through tabs.

Ease of use? The importance of this concept can’t be overlooked. A customer won’t complete a form they feel is inconvenient. It’s always easier for a customer to close a web form rather than complete it, so we made this process as frictionless as possible. It just takes a few clicks to get a quote, and it works on every device – Apple, Android, Windows, phones, tablets, phablets, desktops – all of them!

Simplicity? When you’re selling a service, attention is limited. Clearly establishing what a user is supposed to do next and how they’re supposed to do it in an immediately obvious way is essential. Our web form was built to get the necessary information together for the move while keeping the process streamlined.

That’s where the web form is now. It’s the best experience we can offer our customers, and it’s a huge improvement over what we had, as well as what’s already on the market.

Now let’s talk about the future of moving.

Oncue’s booking services are the solution to an obstacle to sales in the moving industry: the majority of jobs are booked over the phone.

Think of it like this: every step of a sales process generates friction. Having more steps generates more friction. Getting a customer to pick up the phone, dial your number, and talk through their move aren’t significant tasks by themselves, but together in the mind of a customer who “Just wants to move,” it’s inconvenient and time-consuming.

Oncue’s booking services are the solution to this – we make calls to your customers, we take their calls, and we chase them with emails and text messages.

We make scheduling a move – and booking a job – easier.

Oncue’s goal is to overcome friction.

This approach extends to our web form. We’ve made the new form easy to use and implement for our clients, simple and convenient for your customers, and it places our reps in the best possible position to book a job with their immediate follow-up call.

But we know even this can be improved upon.

So, in an effort to continue to reduce and overcome friction in the sales process, in the next few months we’re going to be announcing an exciting new feature that will put your customers’ booking experience on par with e-commerce giants like Amazon.

Stay tuned.

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