November 4, 2016

Starting a moving company? We’ve got you covered!

Over 500,000 businesses are started each month and more than 50% of the population works in a small business. Small businesses are critical for our economy. There is a large supply  of information that can be tricky to navigate when first starting your moving company. This post covers a few simple steps to get your new venture going.

  1. Research! First, do your homework. Read up on industry sites and specific state regulations.  Quora offers many discussions like Steps to Starting a Moving Business. Check out the Small Business Administration (SBA) for all you need to know on getting started: SBA.
  2.  Get the business going! The key people you’ll need –  aside from a very supportive spouse or friend – are a lawyer, an accountant and an insurance provider.  A Lawyer & CPA with experience working in small businesses can help with tax question and legal implications. Insurance for movers is tricky so be sure to ask around and compare your options.
  3. Find a champion mover & mentor! The moving community is competitive and collaborative.  Start out by working closely with an existing moving company and they can help you navigate the process. What’s more you can pickup jobs from them when they are fully booked.  The SBA offers a free mentorship program called Score. Score matches you with an experienced businessperson that can provide guidance for both new and existing businesses. Find a Score mentor: Score Mentor Program 

What other resources have you found beneficial to starting your business?


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