December 29, 2020

Starting a Moving Company in 2021

Movers are vital workers providing an essential service that helps millions of people to move every year. With huge numbers of people working remotely for the first time and choosing to leave high-priced cities like San Francisco and New York for lower-cost options around the country, there has been record-breaking demand for moving services throughout 2020.

The US moving industry is made up of mostly small businesses with 48% of moving companies in the US having fewer than 5 employees. Starting your own moving company can provide you with endless opportunities to design the life and business that you want.

Whether your dream is to grow a business worth multi-millions, create jobs for people in your local area, or simply enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss, a moving company can give you the flexibility to do it.

Start your moving company in 2021

Download the Ultimate Guide to Growing a Moving Company today and make 2021 the year you start your dream business!

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