December 6, 2021

Questions to Ask Before You Start A Moving Company

There are many reasons to start a moving company. Start-up costs are low, all you need upfront is a moving vehicle and labor. Plus, you get the independence and flexibility of being your own boss. 

Whether you already own a moving company or are simply considering it, here’s a list of essentials you need to get started. 

What Is My Moving Company Business Plan?

From deciding your corporate structure to identifying your target market, a business plan can act as a blueprint for your moving company. Decide what resources you’ll need to allocate, what opportunities you want to hone in on, and what features will set your business apart from others in the industry. 

For more help creating a business plan, download our free Guide To Starting A Moving Company.

What Transport & Equipment Do I Need?

The first thing you need to get your business running is a moving vehicle. Look into renting or buying a van or a truck. As business picks up, you can invest in more vehicles.  

You’ll also want to invest in moving equipment: dollies, ropes, packing and wrapping material, and boxes are all necessities when it comes to moving. Plus, it makes you look more professional to customers. 

What Paperwork Do I Need To Start A Moving Company?

In order to operate legally, your business must have a moving and transportation permit. There are different permits and requirements for different types of moving companies. Go to The US Department of Transportation to get more information on how to apply for a permit in your state. 

You should also ensure you have the correct insurance paperwork in case of a vehicle accident, damaged cargo, or workplace injury. Contact your insurance company to get your business covered with liability insurance. 

What Is My Moving Company’s Brand?

Here comes the fun part! Picking an interesting and memorable name for your business. Make sure it’s unique and easy to spell, so customers can find you online. Once you’ve decided on a name, protect it from piracy with a trademark

Next is creating a logo. You can put this on your truck/van (check out the impact of truck marketing in our Top 10 Lead Sources blog) and even on t-shirts for you and your crew to wear. A recognizable logo helps potential customers remember you when it comes to deciding where to take their business. 

How Do I Market My Moving Company?

Now that you’ve got the basics of your business, it’s time to start sharing it with the world. The first step to getting exposure for your moving company is making a website. Your website should show off your services and give customers an easy way to make contact. 

Another way to get the word out is through social media and referral sites. Make profiles for your business on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, and any other platforms used by your target demographic. Read more about creating profiles here

How Do I Get Moving Company Leads?

Growth is key to starting a small business. Generating leads is the most consistent way to gain new customers and increase your bottom line. Check out our article on Top 10 Lead Sources for tips on lead strategy and more. 

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