April 11, 2019

Oncue’s Feature Roadmap

Oncue’s Feature Roadmap

Learn about the direction of Oncue and its Product

Want to know where Oncue is going?

What’s happening next?

What we’re working on?

Want to make a feature request?

The answer to all of those questions – and more – can now be found at Oncue’s new “Feature Roadmap!”

This customer-oriented feature is part of our continued commitment to transparency and communication – this tool is what will allow you to see what’s in the pipeline, and what our product team is actively working on!

Accessing The Roadmap is simple:

On the desktop site:

  • Go to Oncueapp.com (or almost any page on the desktop site)
  • Select “Updates” in the upper right-hand corner
  • Then on the dropdown select “Feature Roadmap”

And you’re there!

During its lifespan, Oncue and its product team have received hundreds of ideas and suggestions on how to improve and grow our product, and we evaluate each to make sure they add value to your business and are consistent with Oncue’s mission. Once our team determines that they will improve our product in a meaningful way, we begin working towards its implementation – this roadmap will reflect the intersection of our ambition and vision for the product, and the man hours we have to commit to its improvement.

In an effort to demonstrate our ongoing priorities and upcoming features, we’re giving you unfettered access to our pipeline.

We look forward to continuing to grow with you!

Interested in our product? Like what you see on the roadmap? Get a demo to learn more!


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