January 26, 2021

Oncue raises $10M in Series A Funding

Oncue Raises $10M in Series A Funding

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve raised $10 million in Series A funding! The moving industry is enormous and demand for moving services has skyrocketed throughout the covid pandemic. Consumers today expect a seamless and stress-free move and Oncue is here to help moving companies of all sizes, whether you are just starting out or expanding across state lines, to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Firstly, I’d like to thank our customers.  Thank you for putting yourselves out there in our communities to serve people throughout this transformational time. All of this is possible because of you and the work we do together to support your customers during one of life’s most stressful events. Together, we can continue to transform the moving industry and we look forward to our partnership in 2021 and beyond!

The round of funding will enable us to invest in product growth and we’ve already started working on new product features that help moving company owners grow and prosper. From tools for financing to insurance and much more, we’re committed to helping you build a generation of moving companies that will take us through the next century. Our team is growing quickly and we’re expanding the Sales, Marketing, Product, Engineering and Customer Success teams.

With millions of employees now working remotely and mass migration from major cities around the country, the growth of the moving industry has been accelerating rapidly during the pandemic. With nearly half of Americans considering a move, we’ve seen a surge in new moving companies starting up and existing companies opening new branches. As moving company owners juggle sales calls, lead conversion, logistics, operations, and customer support, many have found the need to utilize new solutions to meet the rise in demand. 

As we use the funds to invest in the development of innovative new product features, Oncue’s mission continues to be to create trust and transparency for all individuals in the move process and to help moving company owners grow and prosper.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rethink Impact, the largest US- based impact venture capital fund investing in female leaders using tech to create positive impact, for leading this round, as well as our additional investors, Crosslink Capital, Bowery Capital, Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora, and Dave Yarnold, former CEO of ServiceMax. We greatly appreciate your continued support and we can’t wait to grow the product and the team!

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