Oncue Go Basics

Oncue Go Basics

Learn about the main features of Oncue Go

Home page dashboard

Create New Leads

  1. Click the New Lead or + button to create a new lead
  2. Enter in lead details such as the Contact information and set the lead status if needed. You can also indicate that a lead is a Hot Lead if it’s one that you want to take more action on or one that you think you’re more likely to close.Google Places Autocomplete can help save time in entering addresses.

    Move date can be a single date or range of dates.

  3. Click Create to save your new lead

View Leads

The 10 most recent leads are displayed on the Home page but you can click the Leads tab to view all your leads.

From this page you can filter and sort your leads or search for a specific lead.

On any lead, you can click Contact and quickly send an email or text message.

Click Details to view additional information such as the addresses and notes. You can also click Edit to add more information.

Account Settings

In account settings you can perform several updates

  • Company Info: Update your company name, business phone, email and address.
  • Account Info: If needed, you can update your user name, email address and phone number. Updating your email address will change login information to use the updated email address.
  • Subscription and Payment: View your subscription amount and next billing date. You can also update your payment method or request to cancel your account

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Oncue Go Basics