June 26, 2019

Oncue Email and Text Overhaul

Emails and Text Messages: Now Directly Integrated into the Oncue Platform!

Oncue’s engineering and product teams have been tucked away in a windowless office working diligently round the clock over this last month to bring our newest solution to life.

This feature is something we’re incredibly proud of as it makes your communications (and life!) with customers easier, helps drive more leads, and streamlines operations.

What is it you ask?

It’s email and texting.

Built directly into the Oncue platform.




Why is this so significant?

This isn’t what you get with most CRM softwares. It’s not an outside program or app handling your conversations.

This is full integration directly into Oncue.

It brings unprecedented control and data directly into the platform, alongside the convenience and ease-of-use that only full integration can provide.

Now every customer quote email, text message, and communication is centralized. You can respond to customer emails directly from the platform, and even receive emails with images and attachments!

We’re bringing all of your customer communications into one place to help you book more jobs.

What can you do with it?

  • View email replies from customers in Oncue’s moving company software
  • Scan the entire email thread history and answer customer questions by replying to specific emails
  • Communicate with customers over text and email in one place

How It Works:

When your customers respond to your quote, booking confirmation, or follow up emails, their replies will now come into Oncue in the Conversations tab, organized by customer name with new conversations at the top.

When a new email comes in, the little red bubble next to the Conversations link will light up and indicate that there’s an unread message.

In any individual customer conversation, you will see that the entire communication history with that customer is available on one screen, sorted by time.

Email and Text – All in One Place:

The new Conversation screen lets you reply to customer emails, send a new email message, and send a text message from one central place.

Email Threads

From the Conversation window, you can reply to individual email threads and view the entire history of an email thread. See the screenshots below for how to do this.


If your customer emails you a photo or file attachment in their email reply, it will be available in the customer’s conversation history. The attachments also show up under the Uploads tab of the customer record.

This is just the start!

We have tons of exciting updates planned for this feature that will further improve the quality of your communications with customers.

We hope this is helpful to you and we are excited about our future together.

Wishing you the best busy season ever!

— The Oncue Product team: Tom, Matt, Anthony, Rikey, and Vineet

PS: We have another big release coming next month and would love your input. It’s something many of you have asked for and we’re excited to build this together. Want to help us build this or be a beta tester? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll setup a call with a member of our product team.


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