June 12, 2020

Oncue Announces Integration with Thumbtack

Oncue is pleased to announce its integration with Thumbtack, an online service that matches customers with local professionals. 

Millions of customers use Thumbtack every day to find and hire small businesses across the country. The integration enables Oncue movers to automatically respond to  leads from Thumbtack and communicate with them in real-time right from the Oncue Platform.

Kate DeWald, Founder and CEO of Oncue, said of the integration:

“We’re thrilled to partner with a company that aims to help build local economies and stronger communities. Many of our customers currently use Thumbtack and shared with us their success with the platform. Our integration with Thumbtack gives our movers even more opportunities to increase revenue and improve the experience for their customers.”

With the Oncue and Thumback integration, a connection is created to pull in new lead data from Thumbtack, and save it right in the Oncue dashboard. Movers will be able to see all the new leads driven from Thumbtack and respond to them 24/7, without ever leaving Oncue.

How does it work?

Every time you get an exact match in Thumbtack, the lead information will be automatically added to Oncue as a New Lead. In the Leads view of Oncue under Lead Type, you’ll be able to see all the leads that come in through the Thumbtack channel.

You’ll be able to view all messages from the Thumbtack lead in your Conversations view and follow up with your leads right from the Oncue platform.

With the  integration, you’ll also be able to automatically respond to new leads from Thumbtack with a templated message, which will reduce your response times and increase your ranking in Thumbtack searches. 

You’ll also be able to schedule follow-up messages to your Thumbtack leads to be sent at a suitable time, letting you save time by communicating with a set schedule and helping to ensure that you won’t forget to follow up with any leads.

Want to learn more?

With the ability to respond to Thumbtack leads at any hour of the day, you’ll be able to capture missed opportunities, free up time to focus on growing your company, and most importantly, win more bids!

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