Mover of the Month, November 2022

Centaur Moving & Storage

November 22, 2022 Oncue®, the leading software and booking service for the moving industry, announced that Centaur Moving and Storage of Cambridge, Massachusetts was its second winner of the Oncue Mover Of The Month Award. Centaur was selected for the recognition among hundreds of Oncue customers for its consistent approach to delivering high quality, competitively priced moving services to the Boston and Cambridge area.

Owner Andrew Rosenberg started Centaur when he saw a unique opportunity to provide top-notch service in a highly competitive market. “Even with 200 or so moving companies in the Boston area, I knew there was a niche available for a moving company like mine that knew what good customer service was and how to deliver it,” said Rosenberg.

After migrating to the United States nearly a decade ago, Rosenberg started his business by himself, relying on part-time workers to meet demand. Centaur now employs four full-time employees as well as a team of part-time movers to serve the Greater Boston area. What keeps Rosenberg and the Centaur team going is the positive feedback they get from the local community they serve. “There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a 5-star review from a customer,” Rosenberg says. “That’s when you know that you’ve exceeded their expectations and left a positive impression, something that tells you that you’ve made their life just a little bit easier.”

As business has steadily picked up over the past few years, Centaur Moving saw the need to get operations more under control. “For a while, it was just me, myself and I. I was always on the move, literally,” says Rosenberg. Centaur was looking for a solution that would work for the business as it scaled. Other movers in the Boston area had recommended that they check out Oncue. “With Oncue’s CRM, I don’t think we would have been able to achieve the momentum that we have now.”

Since adding Oncue to the business, Centaur has grown month over month, without needing to add more full-time administrative staff to its payroll. By doing so, Centaur is now focused on scaling by adding more trucks and more movers. This allows the team to keep costs in check and continue offering an affordable, high quality service to customers.

Rosenberg also knows that as he grows, it’s not just happy customers, but also happy employees, that will differentiate Centaur. “After a great reputation, that’s the next goal for me – an outstanding crew that exceeds customer expectations.” Rosenberg believes that to work in this industry, it’s much less about meeting the job qualifications, and much more about having the right attitude.

“Every morning, when the team leaves the parking lot, I say, ‘guys, do your best.’ Encouraging them to do a good job and have some pride in what they do, will always get us the best outcomes for our customers.”

“Centaur embodies the spirit and entrepreneurship we see from many of our immigrant-owned moving companies, which is why we’re so pleased to recognize the team for our Mover of the Month award,” said Kate DeWald, CEO of Oncue. “Centaur’s focus on exceeding customers’ – and employees’ – expectations is remarkable and a model for other moving companies to follow.”