Mover of the Month, March 2023


March 26, 2022  Oncue®, the leading software and booking service for the moving industry, announced that Mike-Ah-Haul-It of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin was its sixth winner of the Oncue Mover Of The Month Award. Mike-Ah-Haul-It was chosen for the award among the hundreds of Oncue customers for their entrepreneurship and growth achieved on the Oncue platform.

Owner Michael Green got his start in the moving business like many Oncue customers – as a way to earn extra money on the side. No job was too small or too dirty for Green. “If it fit in my truck, I’d haul it, move it, deliver it or junk it – whatever it took.”  In the early days of Mike-Ah-Haul-It, projects typically were with family or friends and included things like bringing junk to the city dump, helping moving furniture from point A to point B and picking up or dropping off appliances.  

As word got out about Mike-Ah-Haul-It, thanks in large part due to family and friends, Green says business picked up steadily, as did the need to get serious with his business. “My weekends were starting to quickly fill up with requests for my services, and that’s when I knew I had a good business opportunity on my hands.”

As a first time business owner, Green has partnered with Oncue to tackle all of the challenges that come with running your own company, like bringing in high quality leads and staying organized.  “When we started working with Mike-Ah-Haul-It, it was critical that we put together a strategy that Mike and his team could follow, based on our own expertise of helping hundreds of moving companies grow,” added Josh Arcio, Oncue Customer Success Manager.  “Since working with us, Mike has been able to really scale his business, while getting that all important time back in his day.” Green added, “it’s been so helpful. Josh and the team at Oncue have really set me up for success.”

As he looks to the future, Green is very optimistic about where the business can go. “Getting a 5-star review from a customer is great – but when we get a referral, we’re really thrilled.”  Green added, “we love being part of this community and are always looking for ways to give back.  It’s part of the reason why we offer special discounts for veterans, senior citizens, college students, local residents… even motorcycle clubs!”

As a family owned and operated business, Mike-Ah-Haul-It treats every customer as if they were part of an extended family.  “With rising prices, we know families are going through a lot right now,” said Green.  “We can come up with a proposal that works with almost any budget, which is something that we think really sets us apart from the competition.”

“Michael and the Mike-Ah-Haul-It team really exemplify what it takes to be a great moving business and a great community partner.  We’re thrilled to award them Mover of the Month and wish them continued success,” said Kate DeWald, CEO of Oncue.