September 22, 2017

Maximize Sales During the Non-Peak Season

There will always be demand in the moving industry, but some months are slower than others. The weather gets colder, days get shorter and people get unmotivated to pack up their lives and move.

It can be rough and discouraging and leave you unmotivated to push for sales – but if you aren’t selling, you aren’t making money and that’s exactly why you need to maximize downtime to it’s full potential.

Here’s a few tips:

Train & Improve your team
Constantly work on improving your sales team. After being slammed during the busy season, it’s easy for morale to dwindle in non-peak times. The most powerful way to keep everyone motivated is keeping the focus on getting better. Expand the expertise of your team by involving them in other areas of the business. Schedule days to train and go over important techniques to improve the sales process. We conduct daily stand ups and weekly trainings with our sales team to sharpen sales skills and knowledge.

Check-in With Existing Customers

When business is a little slow use it to do post-move review calls with previous clients. Ask them what they liked or disliked about your service. What are you doing well and where can you improve? Don’t forget to ask how the new place is coming along. Small gestures go a long way to gaining repeat or referral business.

Expand your Market

Try new things. Are there markets out there you haven’t explored or opportunities you haven’t pursued? Reach out to local storage facilities about creating a partnership or even other moving companies in the area – maybe you specialize in moving pianos but they don’t move them at all – this is a great way to gain business and you can get overflow referrals.You can even advertise at assisted living facilities or retirement communities for people who are unable to move themselves.

You have to always look for new growth opportunities and ways to improve when you have the time. There are many movers that stay busy all through the winter season and with a bit of hard work you can too. Customer needs evolve – adapt with it and keep pushing to be successful.

Don’t accept a seasonal business. Stay hustling!

One more thing – don’t be afraid to take a break. Burnout is common especially after summer and it’s important to recharge so you can reflect on your business. Take a few days to do something unrelated to work. Clear your mind so you come back focused and ready to hustle. Do the same for your team and even schedule a day off mid month to do a fun activity together.

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