October 21, 2020

Making Your Sales Automatic and Relentless: The Facebook Pixel

“You pay good money for your website – now put it to work!”

– Kate DeWald; Oncue CEO / Founder

What if I told you there was a way for you to talk to every lead who visits your website without them even needing to fill out a form?

Well, there is a way.

And it’s easy.

And I’m going to teach you how to do it.

Let’s talk about one of the most significant developments in digital marketing since the creation of the internet: The Facebook Pixel.

Here’s the breakdown:

Where can your potential customers find your business?

There are a few obvious answers:

  • Your storefront
  • Your website
  • Your Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Maybe they can find you on a few billboards, a few flyers – maybe you spring for some leads and they can even find your business in their mailbox!

There are dozens of ways for your clients to find you – but what happens after they do?

People who are in sales know the answer: You have to chase your leads down, and sell your service!

The Facebook Pixel lets you automatically “chase” those leads!

Consider this: what if you could personally tell everyone who visited your website that your moving company is “The Best” in your region? That it’s “Top Rated,” bonded and insured, and has fantastic rates?

Well, that’s exactly what The Facebook Pixel lets you do.

In essence, the “Pixel” is your near-microscopic door to Facebook and its services that lets your website whisper to Facebook who has stopped by.

Let’s say “Susan Q” stops by your website because she’s shopping around for a mover in her area. She sees your impressive reviews, your great website, your smiling face, and just as she’s considering giving you a call she gets distracted by a Twitter notification. She leaves your website.

Now, it’s possible she will come back and book your services for her move.

However, it’s more likely that because of that notification, your company didn’t get a fair shake. Susan forgets your company’s name and never sees your unique offerings – like your price, your accreditations, or accolades.

And since she never filled out a form, you have no idea who she is, where she went, or that she was even there!

That’s where the Pixel comes in.

With The Pixel set-up and working, your website now leans over to Facebook and says: “Psst… Hey, just a heads up, Susan Q stopped by.”

So Facebook takes that information, matches it to one of their users, and *If you set up an ad campaign* immediately gives Susan an advertisement with your name on it reminding her that she should hire “The Only Fully Bonded and Insured Mover in the Metro Area!”

While the advantages of this approach can be obvious, remember what this tool lets you do:

  • You can automatically reach out to anyone who didn’t immediately buy your product but is clearly shopping for it.
  • You can highlight any aspect of your company for a buyer to see, just like in a normal advertisement.
  • You can target ONLY the people who are currently shopping for a moving service – there’s almost no waste!

You pay good money for your website – it’s time to make it work for you!

How do you do it?

Well, Facebook has a great explanation over on their website about this – including how to get the campaign up-and-running!

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