January 10, 2019

Major Oncue Update: Dashboard Overhaul!

New Year, New Dashboard.

New Years is a time for reflection and change, so in this spirit Oncue has launched a complete dashboard overhaul to compliment our comprehensive suite of moving business services!

Now most of the services we offer can be more easily tracked with our redesigned data visualization tools, with more reporting to come!

When we talked to our customers the feedback was clear: they wanted greater visibility into how different lead providers performed, statistics by sales, rep and to see how many customers were leaving reviews.

So, we created visualization tools for vital metrics like revenue, booking statistics, and reviews, all of which can be viewed over a variety of timetables for more perspective into your business!

Oncue users, feel free to take a look for yourselfHERE

Here’s a few sneak peeks at some of the data tools:



As you can see above, you can now choose to sort revenue data over a variety timetables – the number of jobs and their source is also displayed so you can easily track your revenue per job!

You can now also see who is booking your jobs, which will allow you to instantly see how Oncue is helping your business grow!

Once you log in, you can see key insights right away!

Reviews are simply and visibly integrated into the dashboard so you track (and brag about) your feedback!

This is in addition to the services we currently offer, including:

  • A full – awesome – sales and booking team!
  • Paperless bill of landings
  • End to end customer communication platform

Oncue knows that running a moving business isn’t easy, but tracking performance is vital.

So we’re here to help.

We let you to do this seamlessly and all in one place.

Want to increase leads and sales while saving money? Just click HERE to sign up  or email us at: [email protected]

Have feedback on our product? Email [email protected]

– Tyler Jemetz; Oncue Marketing Coordinator

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