June 2, 2017

How to Use Facebook for your Business

Did you know that Facebook is the top social media platform used by businesses? On average there are 1.37 billion active users that log onto Facebook daily, so you can imagine why 42% of marketers report that Facebook is crucial to business.

However, despite Facebook’s popularity and widespread usage, many business owners claim that their marketing efforts are not as successful as they would like.

To help you make the most of Facebook (it’s free!), we’ve outlined some tips for using it to market your business.


Be human: Choose an identifying and memorable username, profile picture and cover photo that makes it easy for customers to find you using Google or Facebook search. Use real pics from moves that show your team and trucks.

Pin posts: Facebook will allow you to pin only one post to the top of your page. Be creative. Make it interesting and include an eye-catching image.

Join Facebook groups: You can offer advice and tips to help establish yourself as a valued member and leader in the moving industry.

Post videos and images: Incorporate video and photos as part of your posting strategy. 78% of businesses that use video content on social media have indicated an increase in sales.



Overwhelm your audience by posting too frequently: Research suggests only those who have a Facebook following over 10k benefit from posting multiple times per day. If you have a smaller following, posting only a few times per week is the fastest way to increase your clicks per post and deliver more traffic.

Post irrelevant content: Keep posts directly related to the interests of your target audience.

Disappear: Be quick to respond to other Facebook users and don’t neglect any comments or questions.

Up Next: We’ll take a deeper dive into Facebook, using keywords and how you can get more leads and customers from here.

Check out the Facebook pages of competition in your service area as well as complimentary service providers like house cleaners. Join the same groups. You can even use Facebook as a tool to build a network with other movers – this way you can refer business to each other for days that are overbooked or tasks you aren’t equipped for, etc.

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