May 7, 2021

How to Start a Moving Company: Growth Phase (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the Growth Phase! This is the final part of our Ultimate Guide to Growing a Moving Company blog series!

In this entry we’ll be covering what you can do to ensure consistent growth for your moving company. If you’ve missed the Research, Planning, or Branding Phases please see the links below:

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  • Planning Phase
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If you’d like to learn more about Lead Generation, Handling Sales Calls, Customer Experience, & Garnering Reviews please see Part 1 of the Growth Phase.

Business Metrics

What is your marketing ROI? You’ll be spending money on marketing and advertising so it’s important to know which of the marketing channels you’re putting money into is working.

Having access to in-depth marketing source reports can help you understand which lead sources are working and where you should direct more money. Getting a good idea of the cost per customer will help you lower your marketing costs and increase customers numbers.

Another metric that’s important to consider for business growth is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) which tells you how much it costs you to win a new customer. You can calculate CAC by dividing your total sales expenses (quoting, estimating and time spent with clients) and marketing expenses (Google Ads, Facebook, Yelp), by the number of new customers you acquired.

It’s important for movers to measure this metric regularly so you can be certain you’re putting marketing spend into the right channels. As the CAC fluctuates throughout the month, quarter, and year, you’ll have the data you need to make informed decisions about marketing spend, and the future of your company.

How to Scale (All Year Long)

There will always be demand in the moving industry, but some months are slower than others. The weather gets colder, days get shorter and people get unmotivated to pack up their lives and move. It can be rough and discouraging and leave you unmotivated to push for sales – but if you aren’t selling, you aren’t making money and that’s exactly why you need to maximize downtime to its full potential!

Here are some ideas for the slow season:

Train and Improve Your Team

Constantly work on improving your sales team. After being slammed during the busy season, it’s easy for morale to dwindle in non-peak times. The most powerful way to keep everyone motivated is keeping the focus on getting better. Expand the expertise of your team by involving them in other areas of the business. Schedule days to train and go over important techniques to improve the sales process.

Check-in with Existing Customers

When business is a little slow use it to do post-move review calls with previous clients. Ask them what they liked or disliked about your service. What are you doing well and where can you improve? Don’t forget to ask how the new place is coming along. Small gestures go a long way to gaining repeat or referral business.

Expand Your Market

Try new things. Are there markets out there you haven’t explored or opportunities you haven’t pursued? Reach out to local storage facilities about creating a partnership or even other moving companies in the area – maybe you specialize in moving pianos but they don’t move them at all – this is a great way to gain business and you can get overflow referrals. You can even advertise at assisted living facilities or retirement communities for people who are unable to move themselves.

You have to always look for new growth opportunities and ways to improve when you have the time. There are many movers that stay busy all through the winter season and with a bit of hard work you can too. Customer needs evolve – adapt with it and keep pushing to be successful. Don’t accept a seasonal business. Stay hustling!

One more thing – don’t be afraid to take a break. Burnout is common especially after summer and it’s important to recharge so you can reflect on your business. Take a few days to do something unrelated to work. Clear your mind so you come back focused and ready to hustle. Do the same for your team and even schedule a day off mid-month to do a fun activity together.

Reach 7 Figures

The Building Blocks for Success

Helping North Texans move for over 30 years, Olde World Movers was established in 1988 with just one truck, and the desire to create an innovative, modern and progressive moving company. Over 3 decades later they have become one of the most successful and trusted moving companies in the area. So how do you go from one truck to a thriving, multimillion-dollar moving company?

About Olde World Movers

Olde World Movers has been a top provider of premium moving services to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for over 30 years. Licensed, bonded and insured, they offer affordable rates and a professional staff that are committed to providing outstanding customer service. As well as the DFW metroplex, they also serve Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and other major cities in Texas.

Early Challenges

After working as an independent contractor for a major furniture delivery company in Chicago, Erich Horder made the decision to start his own moving company in the late 80s. In the early days of running a new business, owners are often pulled in multiple directions and there are never enough hours in the day. Olde World Movers owners Erich and Teresa wanted to concentrate on growing their company, but they found that they were spending a lot of time answering the phone on nights and weekends. One of their main challenges was finding a way to ensure that all the calls were answered, while their valuable time could be maximized to focus on growth in other areas of their business.

No Call Goes Unanswered

Olde World Movers partnered with Oncue so they could ensure that every single call would be answered. When their sales manager was on another call, Erich and Teresa knew that Oncue would be there, ready and waiting to answer all of their other calls. This gave them the flexibility to concentrate on growing other aspects of the business, safe in the knowledge that a trained team of sales professionals were turning their incoming calls into booked jobs.

Selecting the Right Tools for Growth

As most moving company owners know, advertising to attract new leads can be expensive. For every sales call that does not get answered, you’re not only losing a potential customer, but also the valuable money spent on attracting that call in the first place.

By relying on Oncue to help answer all of their calls, the team at Olde World Movers knew that the money spent on advertising through their marketing agency to generate new leads would not be wasted, and every call had the potential to turn into a paying customer.

Over the years they have successfully grown their company from one truck and a helper into a thriving business with a small fleet of trucks and an experienced crew that is there to serve their loyal, and growing, customer base.

As we continue to help companies like Olde World Movers grow, we aim to work closely with our customers to give them the tools they need to keep booking more jobs. We continually update our software to ensure that our customers get what they need to understand the health of their business, and make informed decisions based on data.

Go Forth and Grow

Starting a business is incredibly challenging and not everyone is cut out to do it. Whatever stage you’re at with your moving company, you should be proud of everyone you’ve accomplished!

Partnering with the right people and tools can help you take your moving company to the next level. Oncue was specifically designed to help movers get off the phones so they can concentrate on growth. We’ve partnered with moving company owners from their early days and helped them grow into multimillion-dollar companies

If you’d like help answering your weekend and evening calls so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business, try Oncue Lite. Our US-based sales team of professionally-trained moving industry experts handle over 30k sales calls a month for our movers, and they’re ready and waiting to answer your calls! Get in touch with us today.

For even more in-depth information on how to start or scale your company, download our FREE eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Growing a Moving Company

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