May 4, 2021

How to Start a Moving Company: Growth Phase (Part 1)

The Growth Phase, or growing your business, is one of the most important stages for your company week-over-week, quarter-over-quarter, or year-over-year.

You don’t need us to tell you that the bigger your brand is the more income and opportunity will present itself to you. Growing your business is easy to say but what steps can you actionably take to improve your company’s growth?

To make sure you’re moving along the path for growth, we’ve created these resources for you to follow! If you haven’t been following our series highlighting the Ultimate Guide to Growing A Moving Company, or haven’t downloaded the eBook yet, you can find other excerpts in the following hyperlinks: ResearchBrandingPlanning.

Let’s break down the Growth phase into 2 parts. Part 1 will cover:

  • Lead Generation
  • Handling Sales Calls
  • Customer Experience
  • Reviews and Referrals

Part 2 will cover:

  • Business Metrics
  • How to Scale (All Year Long)
  • Reach 7 Figures

Now that we’ve got our sub-categories let’s take a look at how they’re going to help you grow your business!

Lead Generation

When your moving company is established, you’ll likely want to concentrate on growth. For growth you need to attract new leads and customers. Consistently generating new leads throughout the year is a common challenge for most businesses. When you factor in the slow season, it can be especially difficult for moving company owners. Creating a lead generation strategy is key to ensuring that you are consistently generating new leads. As well as a great website and a strong marketing strategy, there are various partners that you should be aware of to attract more leads.


Having a strong Yelp presence is important as potential customers may go directly to Yelp to find a moving company. With their request quote feature you can implement and get quotes, but the feature sends requests to you and your competitors. With Oncue’s free tool for your Yelp page, customers can go directly to your moving company site, see your brand and logo and quickly enter in their move details. Their information is sent automatically to you.


Millions of customers use Thumbtack everyday to find and hire small businesses across the country. They receive several thousands of inquiries per day and an estimated 30,000 move requests a month!

With the Thumbtack and Oncue integration, your Thumbtack lead information is automatically pulled into Oncue, so there’s no need to manually copy information over. Moving company owners can focus on booking more jobs and growing their business.

Apartment Complexes

Reach out to local apartments and ask them to set you up as a preferred vendor. It’s helpful if you reach out to buildings you’ve moved in before or those that hold a lot of tenants. Tenants moving in and out will automatically be referred to you and encouraged to use you for moving services.

These are easier sales to win because customers are already sold on your moving company before they even contact you. As an added bonus, these customers require less time which frees up your sales team to focus on winning more complex jobs.


Who always knows people that are moving? Realtors! Stop by their office to introduce yourself or call up the top three in your area to introduce your services. Share your rates with them and the best way for clients to reach out. Do you offer storage? Staging assistance? Realtors may need additional services that you can help them throughout the move process.

When you’ve established realtor relationships, you can encourage them to refer their clients to you for moving services. Watch this video to learn how to tap into your local realtor network.

Handling Sales Calls

With a solid marketing and advertising strategy, you should have a nice consistent stream of new leads coming in. Now you’ve got them, you don’t want to waste them! Did you know that for every sales call you miss, a potential customer could give an average of $979 to another moving company? Ensuring that you don’t lose out on potential customers is an essential part of building a successful business.

In the early stages of growing a moving company, you’ll likely spend a lot of time answering the phones and handling incoming calls on evenings and weekends. If you miss only two calls a weekend, you’re throwing away up to $101,816 every single year in lost revenue!

23% of existing moving companies do not return missed calls within 24 hours and 42% do not answer calls during business hours37. If you can be the moving company that answers every single call then you’ll be the company getting the customers they lose! 

Find out how Oncue helps moving company owners handle their sales calls.

Customer Experience

Moving is stressful and unfortunately there are many myths surrounding the moving industry that customers may believe, like the movers not showing up at all or a scam moving company disappearing with everything they own. You can dispel these common myths by communicating with customers throughout the entire process.

Be sure to maintain contact with the customer in the lead up to the move. If you’re even a few minutes later than the agreed upon time, customers might start to panic and assume you’re not going to show up at all. If you get stuck in traffic or are struggling to find parking, make sure you contact the customer as soon as possible to let them know that you’re on your way and they don’t need to worry!

From the moment they check out your website, to receiving a quote, to completing a stress-free move, customers deserve an experience that is simple and easy. Email autoresponders that reply to every incoming lead can make the customer experience seamless as soon as it begins. Having a great process in place for following up with new leads is important. Research shows that 80% of leads fall through the cracks due to lack of proper follow up.

Here are some tips on how following up with leads can help you book more jobs:

  • Reach out 1 day after initially speaking with the customer. Use this to keep momentum and clarify any questions they have about the service.
  • Be responsive! If you get a question from them try to respond within the hour.
  • If the customer reached out late at night, chances are they won’t answer at 8am. Be conscious of what’s convenient for them and when you can actually catch them live.
  • Reach out through different methods. Send an email after a follow up call with valuable content to offer insight on their move rather than another sales pitch.
  • Use an efficient CRM (like Oncue) to track and manage all leads and follow ups.
  • Don’t waste your time chasing leads that give you no hope of making a sale. 
  • Qualify the lead upfront. Did they mention a Groupon deal or a truck rental? If the customer does not have the budget for a move, no matter how many follow ups you do, it isn’t going to be a fit.
  • Remember that most 3+ bedroom and commercial jobs reach out when they’re just starting to plan and typically don’t book on the first phone call.

Reviews and Referrals

The internet is rife with nightmare tales of moving companies stealing money from customers and disappearing into the cold, dark night with their belongings. Although this is rare, potential customers are likely to remember the horror stories they’ve heard and might assume that any moving company they select has the potential to scam them.

This is where your customer reviews and referrals can be the most beneficial. Ask every customer for a review as soon as the job is complete. Share good reviews on your website and on social media.

Social proof is one of the most powerful tactics you have at your disposal, and people are drawn to companies that others have already had good experiences with. Shout your good reviews from the rooftops so potential customers can start building trust with you from their first interaction!

Here are some simple ways you can increase customer referrals, and in turn, increase the number of new customers coming your way.

Ask Your Customers For A Review

Busy customers are unlikely to go out of their way to leave you a review unless you ask for it. Follow up with your customers after a successful move and ask them to leave a review if they were happy with the experience. Send them the link directly so it’s easy for them to leave a positive review, and make sure to respond to let them know you appreciate them taking the time to leave feedback.

Join Referral Websites

Make it easy for your customers to leave a review by signing up for as many of the leading review websites as you can. Although many customers will now leave reviews on Facebook or Google, be sure to also sign up for these leading review websites:

  • Thumbtack 
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Craigslist
  • Home Advisor

Use The Reviews You Have

Social proof can be one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Customers can be swayed by a positive review so make sure you’re promoting the great reviews that previous customers have left on your social media channels and website. Including a quote from a satisfied customer in your personal email signoff or your automated email replies can reiterate the idea that your existing customers have been delighted with their experience.

Simplify The Review Process

Make it as easy as possible for satisfied customers to leave a review by including links on your website, social media pages, and in your emails. This will also help prospective customers find you as more reviews will increase traffic to your website and help you show up in search results, ultimately giving you more leads and more customers.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Growth Phase from our “How to Start a Moving Company” series. Check out the rest of our tips on The Research Phase and The Planning Phase.

For even more in-depth information on how to start or scale your company, download our FREE eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Growing a Moving Company

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