March 31, 2022

How To Perform The Best Virtual Onsites

With contactless and virtual options becoming more popular in the age of COVID-19, many moving companies have begun offering virtual onsites (or virtual estimates). While there can be a learning curve when starting, being able to offer virtual onsites to your customers is definitely worth the hassle. Read on to learn why virtual onsites are a huge advantage for your moving company and some of the best practices. 

What Are The Perks Of Offering Virtual Onsites?

  1. Save time! As a small business owner, your time is very valuable. Virtual onsites save time since you don’t have to factor in traveling to locations. This makes it easier to fit into your schedule and gives you more time to focus on growing your business. 
  2. Save money! With rising gas prices, you may be looking to conserve your fuel. Virtual onsites let you inspect the home without having to leave your office. 
  3. Increase customer trust. It can be uncomfortable to let a stranger into your home, especially during the pandemic. Performing an estimate virtually means you avoid managing sanitation and protective gear and allow customers to maintain their privacy. 

What Are The Best Practices For Virtual Onsites?

  1. Prepare the customer! Send them an example video of a good walk-through so they know what to expect. 
  2. Record and take notes! Be sure to get the customer’s permission in advance, and offer to send them the recording after the fact so you both have a record of the inventory shown. 
  3. They aren’t the experts – you are. Be prepared to direct them towards objects, big or small, that they may be forgetting. 

How Can A Moving Company CRM Help?

Oncue’s moving software makes virtual onsites easier than ever. Offer a seamless video experience to your customers. and collect a room-by-room inventory for each job using our estimator tool (available by video and in person). 

We can also help you get your customer ready by sending them automated reminders, about onsites, move day or any other events. Get started with us today to become a master of the virtual onsite.

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