August 16, 2021

How To Maximise Revenue During The Busy Season

The high demand for moving services means the busy season is starting earlier and ending later!

Here are some easy ways for your business to generate more revenue during the busy summer months.

Raise Your Rates

The busy season is the perfect time to raise your rates. Customers need to move and they are willing to pay for it! 

  • Step 1: Start by raising your prices 10-15%
  • Step 2: Monitor if your capacity remains full
  • Step 3: Continue raising your price in increments of 3-5% until you reach your maximum limit

Use Dynamic Pricing

When you set up special labor rates for weekends and other high demand days, you’ll be able to maximize revenue on each move. You can easily charge a higher fee for: 

  • Holidays
  • Saturdays and Sundays
  • End/beginning of the month 

Set The Right Expectations

During the busy season, your crew and team are at max capacity so it’s important to set the right expectations with your customers.

If you tell the customer that you’ll be arriving at 8am and you actually get there at 8.02am then you haven’t been able to meet their expectations from the start.

Increase Your Arrival Window

When you give the customer an arrival window, make sure that you stick to it. Being true to your word is essential when building trust between the customer and your business. Plus, they’ll be much more likely to leave a positive review or give a referral!

Increasing your arrival window is an easy way to give yourself and your crew some flexibility, especially if a morning move takes longer than you had anticipated

Do you usually have an afternoon arrival window of 12-2pm?

Consider extending it to 12-4pm

Make The Process Easy

While moving is a daily reality for you and your crew, many of your customers won’t have moved more than once or twice before. Setting up automated marketing campaigns to send to them before the big day will help them to feel more relaxed and in control!

Here are some ideas for educational content that can help to build trust with your customers:

  • A step-by-step guide for what to expect on move day
  • Top tips for packing and preparing for the big move
  • How to help their pets adjust 
  • A guide for how they can quickly settle into their new home

Handling Claims Calls

As the number of jobs go up, so will the number of claims. Create a uniform policy for handling claims calls, and inform your customer of this policy in advance of the move. That way, neither party will be caught unprepared and you can meet customer expectations throughout the process.


The busy season can be a stressful time for owners, so it’s important to stay grounded. Delegation is hard but it’s essential to running a successful business! You can’t be everywhere at once, so training and trusting other people on your team with elements of your business will make your life much easier.

Set up processes with your team that allow you to step away when needed, knowing that the business is in good hands. Delegation can give you time to focus on the company’s future, and the next phase of business growth.

To get more tips for maximizing revenue during the busy season, download your free copy of our ebook today!

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