January 5, 2018

How to Kick off the New Year with a BANG!

It’s always a letdown when the Holidays come to an end. Decorations come down, time with family falls short, and all those delicious leftovers run out.

The good news is, there’s always something to look forward to! The New Year offers new opportunities and a clean slate to set new goals.

Here are a few ways to kick off the New Year with a BANG!

1. Take a Break! 
If you didn’t take much of a break during the craziness of the Holidays, now is the time to step away from the norm and de-stress. Whether you’re taking a trip or just catching up on sleep, use this time to open your eyes to new possibilities. What’s your vision for your business in 2018? You can even spend time writing Thank You notes to everyone that helped you reach your goals last year. This could mean business partners, promoters, moving customers, etc.

2. Align your Customer’s Goals with your Own
As is the tradition, many of your customers will set resolutions for themselves at the start of the year. Whether it’s to get in shape, volunteer some of their time to the community, or eliminate clutter during a move, try aligning your marketing efforts with the goals your customers are seeking. Get some team members together to participate in your local charity walks/runs wearing branded t-shirts or help serve food at your local shelter. Offer deals on packing services and help customers get rid of unwanted items during their move.

3. Evaluate your Vision
This is a great time to make sure your moving company is still working toward a specific goal or vision that makes sense for where you are now and where you want to be. If you have no vision, what are you working towards? A lot can happen in a year, and as new situations arise, it’s sometimes easy to drift off track. Having a vision statement helps keep your company on course and helps you decide if your vision should be changed in light of new events.

Evaluate your Vision

4. Renew your Visual Presentation
This could be the perfect time to freshen up the look of your company. Think of how your identity is always evolving along with your company and customers. Try updating your website, logo and phone recordings. You can even invest in new shirts for your crew members and office staff.

5. Refresh your Marketing Strategy 
Try something new and search for improvement opportunities within your current strategy. Try using new keywords on social media and your website, scheduling for appearances at community/charity events or partnering with other local home service vendors and realtors. Figure out what produced the highest ROI in the previous year and expand on those.

6. Create a Vision Board
Get organized! Being able to see your vision physically and your goals helps bring them to life and promotes motivation. Pick the main things you’d like to accomplish this year and create a vision board laying out your goals and the steps you need to take to reach them. Set goals for each month, quarter, and the year, and lay out weekly actions or tasks that will help you get there.

Create a Vision Board

7. Make Internal New Years Resolutions and Be Accountable
Don’t forget about the needs and goals of your employees. Have everyone set one or two goals regarding how they can stay happy and refreshed to do their best work as well as what they’d like to accomplish in their specific department of the company. Whether they do the physical moving or are in sales, accounting or marketing, their role is important. Do a check-in half way through the year to see where everyone’s at and what they need to hit their goals. Then at the end of year, see how everyone did and offer fun prizes and awards.

8. Launch a Contest or Game
Let your customers vote on promotions and deals they’d be interested in that would make them hire your company or refer you to friends. You can even cast a vote for your next moving tips article on your blog on your website. Launch contests with other local home service vendors such as handy men or plumbers that offer to promote them to your moving customers if they win. This is a great way to get people interacting with your company and get your name out there.

Bring on 2018!

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