July 30, 2019

How to Increase Local Reviews

This week Oncue teamed up with the moving company marketing experts from Today’s Local Media (TLM) to give you tips on how to increase your number of reviews! Oncue and TLM offer the ultimate combination of lead generation and lead chasing services for moving companies. Let TLM run your marketing and SEO, and Oncue Book for You!

Moving day is a big day. It marks the beginning of a new place to call home and the end of another one. In fact, an estimated 35 million Americans relocate every year.

This is why the job of a moving company is so important. The fact is people are moving every day. In addition to relocating their possessions and valuables, they are uprooting their family and often changing jobs as wellhttp://oncue.co/. This makes great reviews hard to come by.

The consumer has high hopes for the moving team that arrives on moving day. They also expect everything to be handled quickly, carefully, and professionally. If their expectations are not met, you can expect to hear about it.

So, how can moving companies ensure they have a positive experience with the customers and a favorable review online? We have experience leading marketing programs with the country’s top moving companies for many years. Through this time, we have learned about what increased good local reviews and what leads to bad reviews. Here are 7 ways moving companies can increase reviews:

1. Put the customer first

Getting reviews is about your business, but it starts by focusing on the customer. Make them the center of your sales and customer service process.

Customer service starts with the first phone, so make sure it goes right. This is where booking services like Oncue can really benefit your business. Reach out and ask how things are going, and be sure to follow up after each move.

2. Set the right expectation

Customers have high expectations. As a moving company, it is your job to ensure those expectations are accurate in terms of the cost of the move, how many hours it will take, and any additional paperwork or forms that are needed.

3. Claim review profiles

There are many referral websites online customers can review your moving company. When it comes to reviews, make sure you are signed up for as many of the leading review websites as possible. This includes websites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

4. Promote good reviews

As important as it is to get new reviews, it is equally as important to promote your existing reviews. This usually only takes a few moments and shows your customers that their voice is valuable.

5. Make it easy

Do you like getting lost? When your customers are looking for places to add a positive review, make it easy for them. Add prominent links on your website and social media profiles to review websites.

6. Respond 

Make sure that when a new review comes in, you respond quickly. After a successful move, your customers will want to give you feedback. A quick thank you response is perfect. This usually only takes a few moments and shows your customers that their voice is valuable.

7. Ask regularly

How can you get reviews if you don’t ask for them? Make sure after a successful move, you ask the customer for a review. Be specific, for example, ask them to give you a review on Yelp or Google. One of the best ways to make sure you never miss review opportunities by using a CRM that automatically seeks and vets reviews for you!

Ultimately, moving companies need reviews as much as they need movers. Reviews have many benefits, including more traffic, calls, leads, and Google rankings.

When your customers are happy, you need to ask for a good review. Because a great experience will not only lead to more referral business, it will usually lead to a positive review online.

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