April 4, 2023

How to Hire The Best Movers and Drivers: A Conversation with MoveUp Consulting

Matt Cluney recently interviewed Hunter Munroe from MoveUp Consulting, a team that works with moving companies across the US to find top movers and drivers.  

A Quick Recap

Hunter identified three major challenges: not having a specific avatar of who moving companies are looking to hire, casting too wide of a net, and not budgeting enough time and resources.

Hunter emphasized the importance of being specific and targeted in the recruitment process, and not just hiring when needed. He suggested adjusting parameters on a monthly basis to reflect the current hiring needs. He also highlighted the need for companies to budget time and resources for recruitment on a routine basis, making it an essential part of the company’s processes.

Although the challenges discussed were specific to the moving industry, they can be applied to any industry facing recruitment challenges. Hunter’s emphasis on being specific and targeted in the recruitment process and budgeting time and resources for recruitment are important takeaways for any business looking to improve their recruitment process.

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